Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catch the Magic...

Christmas Spirit ....

Christmas Spirit is in the air. People are decorating all over. here in the South.. many decorate BEFORE Thanks Giving. Can you believe it all you Northerners??? Most Have their tree & outside decorated the next day. It looks so lovely & everyone is putting Christmas Spirit in the air. I guess we need a little more Christmas Spirit down here since we do not get all the Christmasy snowflakes. I think I seen a tiny flake or 2 last year. My girls do not miss bundling up, but i sure do. I miss their cute little red noses. Seeing their little breath in the air when they talk. Building snowmen together. making snow angels together. Going sledding at Lake Shore with all the neighbors. Having my girls go to the Peak n Peak every weekend to ski. My daughter used to be on SKI club at school. (in elementary, can you believe it, that's how close we were to the Peak. That's a big ski resort near where we live. All my girls would ski during the winter season. I got a break & did my things & had goodies for them when they came home.
My brother ski's all over the world. He just went to dinner with that red headed carrot top guy won the olympics???? In Chile. He's a serious skiir,I like to go to the ocean & get tan & watch for dolphins & sharks. I hate being cold. I will one day get over that & ski with them all.
I even want to learn how to surf? well... im getting off subject here but I guess im reminicing a bit by myself and dreaming about plans to come...
Anyways....Off to pick my daughter up.
I wish you all some happy shopping times ahead & some time to bake & enjoy the Christmas time with your loved ones.
Peace ~

My head is spinning, Christmas is comming....Fast.

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. As usual I promised myself that i would TRY to get my Christmas shopping done right after summer. YEA right!

Don't we all promise to get it finished sooner than last year. but I REALY wanted to have it all handled before the season started so I could focus on decorating, painting, Christmas cookies & such to pass out to family & friends & school. Enjoy doing some Christmas parties at school too.

Relax & enjoy the Holiday spirit & all the wonderful christmas shows on tv with my girls. Go see new Movies with them, possibly even with my husband. ( looks like that just won't happen, he is always too busy)

I know if I got all the shopping finished I would still shop right up to the last minute but only for extras but there would be no hurry or stress in doing it.

Well.... Im not even close to being done. I NEVER even got close to starting after summer. WHY!

Why make a promise to myself when I know what will happen... because I KNOW I can do it. I will just try harder next year.

I think the Holiday season is ment to be with your family & friends & not about the material things but thats just how society has become. (well a big part of it)

I do not want to miss out on my little ones enjoying the christmas shows & having me there with them relaxing, not all stressed out. I want to make cookies & not worry about the mess or if they are perfect but enjoyed it with my girls because they do not care.

I want to make "homemade" gifts with my girls that are too sweet & alot of love gone into them & it shows & pass out to our family & friends.

Thats why it is so important to me to get all the Christmas shopping done early. So I can enjoy the Season with my girls.

Well, it looks like It will have to wait another year before that ALL can happen. So I guess I will just have to try to enjoy it as much as I can & get everything done one day at a time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

off to find more inspiration.....

ohhhh one more Sweet thing ~

Look at these sweet soft sewn stuffed animals.
I LOVE white. I love simple, clean & fresh style.
Just charming. Who would think some stuffed geese could look so classy? Im not a huge fan of stuffed animals & all the dust mites that can come with them & clutter & fuzzies etc... but these would look great for those who don't care for the masses of commercial stuffed animals that every child has. Clean, sweet, one of a kind.
So unique. I would LOVE to see these in a gorgeous baby boutique or home decor store with a baby & child section. If I could sew... I would try these! hint hint.... anyone?

Cuddly Stuffed Animals - Japanese Craft Book
by chocolateswirl

Delicious felting....

Wow do I wish I felted. or whatever you call it. I have seen alot of this felting going on lately but can't believe all the things you can do. Just look at these pictures. Are they not too delicious? Look at the detail. How original. Can you use thse little jems on sweaters & bags? What all can you do with these? I just adore this work. If you can do this sort of thing ~ check out Chocolate swirl on ETSY and buy any of her books she is selling & create away! If you do, Please let me know & show us your work ~ DREAM AWAY.
Wool Felt Sweets - Japanese Needle Felting Craft Pattern Book
by chocolateswirl

Bonne Nuit ~ Sweet Dreams & Nightie night.....

Im off to dream land. I hope you all had wonderful times with family & friends & Enjoyed your Thanks Giving to those here in the states & much peace & love to all just because it should be that way.
Here's to your dreams, wishes, hopes & ideas.... Im thinking positive thoughts & hope it passes along to all those wishing for the same!
Joelle XO

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is a sneak peak of another piece I am working on.
It is no where close to being finished, Lots of goodies to add to this & layers of paints etc.... For a child's room? hmmmmm How do i do that? Not your typical child's room is it? so I have to figure it out. How I get myself into this I don't know..... and where are those moms at that are looking for something totally diff. & not typical baby or child pieces?
I wish my mind would be so much simpler.

Wish Fairy

Ok.... here is yet another little collage hook that I need to fix up & add to Etsy after I take more pictures outside. Everyone seems to be doing collage work, so I thought I would give it a try.

Since I paint furniture I figured I would put a collage on a functional piece & see how it turns out.
This little hook is the "Wish Fairy"... Happy little vintage image of a girl with wings & wand. DREAM is on handtorn paper below her. Pink & fanciful. Whimsical yet shabby chic.
Just a sweet happy little hook to hang little ones TuTu, Balet shoes, nightie, Favorite sweater or whatever you Wish.
Check back soon on my Etsy to see when I add this one of a kind hook.

Strumpfkunst on ETSY has the cutest little sock critters. These sweet jolly little ones are just too happy to pass. I think every little child should have a favorite little friend to take everywhere. Why not a one of a kind from a sweet girl from Germany. She takes great pride in making sure her little critters are safe & up to standards yet look adorable. Take a look at all her friends.

Sweet baby quilt by Yayabun from Etsy.

Beautiful handmade baby quilt perfect for Christmas , Hanukkah, baby showers or perhaps Easter.... whatever the reason im sure you all will be very happy. These are all one of a kind so you have to act quickly if interested.
She has tons more in her Etsy shop. Please go take a peak.

Sarah Jane Studio ~
Wonderful childhood illustrations.

Sweet Details ~

I know I should be thinking more festive colors & Holiday gifts... I just had to post these. So yummy, so happy & fresh & yes so right for Spring Inspiration.However...I found them Yesterday & didn't want to forget to share.I know some are already planning if not creating their Spring line. So here you go ~ Detailed little sweets. Taj ~ Wood & Scherer from the UK So... if you like these for yourself or gift giving check out their site or find out where you can buy their delightful goods. Or Take it all in & look at all the details & see what you can come up with in your next project.
Enjoy the sweetness...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Mind is Having a Party

Click on the pictures for a larger view....

This is a colorful little piece of artwork that I am working on. I have been painting so much with such soft colors & sweet details.I needed to do something different. A girl on ETSY loves everything I do but she says her home is more modern & bold. Her daughters rooms are brighter & trendy.She said she would love to have me create something for her and she asked me if I did other types of work besides the softer designs. I told her I do everything. I have been focusing on a certain style but I love a challenge & like to play around with different things.Previously I said I was inspired by Oilily , those sweet little Dutch pouches with the more vivid colors from my Etsy friend & those 2 tops below designed by Jared gold, and that I was going to make something from their yummy & inspiring photo's. However... when I began to paint I just went with it & this piece ended up this way instead.
I still love it. My oldest daughter LOVES it ~ so it must be ok?
It is Fun, bright, bold, whimsical & just different. It was fun.
It isn't finished so I can't post it on My Etsy shop just yet,
but I wanted to post it now to see how it looks online.
I Need to take pictures outside & diff. angles.
Tomarrow. I hope it doesn't rain.
I have a few more im working on with this "MacKenzie-Childs theme.
Flirty, fun, Bold, Vogue & whimsical.
Please let me know what you think. This was fun doing something different.
I just have so many ideas in this little mind of mine.
I want to do it all.
It is hung with a hanger in the back, but I think I need to have a "faux" ribbon, or crystal chain, or metal chain of some sorts , or possibly a leather rope to hang it from just for decoration?
What do you think? Any ideas.... PLEASE share.
I want this to be perfect.
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XO

* it measures 11 x 12 inches

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Etsy Jewelry..... My wish List....

Click on the picture for detail & names.....
These are just a few of my favorites.
I have so many more.
There is unbelievable talent on ETSY.
Handmade does not mean cheap.
These artist take time & detail in their designs.
This is their passion & they Love what they do.
Support handmade not Slave labor & factories.
YOU can make a difference.
Enjoy the pictures & go treat yourself.
I have many more to share.
Just so many great finds out there.

ETSY ~ Time to Shop!!!

I am new to ETSY. Well, I joined about a year ago. I was only a buyer until now. I just recently started as a seller. I am so new. I don't even think anyone knows I am there. So many sellers & so many different things out there. It can be overwhelming. Even to the most seasoned seller. Always new things added daily.

It is so CRAZY. So many people I run into have no idea about ETSY. Never heard of it before.
So its wild how great it is doing & all the press & stock etc... That means it is even yet wayyyy more Bigger than we know. MORE money to be made, more & more people to reach. A huge market is an understatement. Its International baby!
The one huge difference being International is ~ The People. The artists, the designers. Self representing artists. One of a kind. No big huge factory here. Just people. Real people. A huge variety of people. There is something for everyone. There is even more on the way.
Talk about inspiration.
Who can't get inspired here.
I brought in a "friend" from myspace. WOW! BAM!
Talk about Overwhelming. She was spinning. She didn't know where else to go after looking at my shop. She loved it. She was hooked. She had just begone the journey.
I now think we have yet another artist in the making. She was inspired. She was motivated.
She got the bug. She too wants to live the American dream. Wait! Its not just the American dream anymore... Its International. It is a bond between the world & cyber business. cyber workforce in motion. Our work. Our creations & designs & hobbies & goods all coming together bonding us all from all over the world. There is no walls. It wide open for the general public. wherever you are. You have choices now. More than you ever did. To choose to be a consumer wherever you wish, in whatever country you want. To choose to be your own boss. Your own business, however you want to project it & succeed with it. Your own terms.
This is Etsy.
Its your way of life & what You want to make of it.
I am a business women. A mommy. A designer. A consumer. A critic. A friend. A mentor & a student. I am all those things here at Etsy.
I've only begone the journey.
I have so much to learn, so much to buy, & even so much more to make. The sky's the limit.
I am lucky to have Etsy in my life & help me pursue my dreams.
I am Joelle Dolce Bebe Come take a peak into my shop & see me in the beginning & what I have to offer & watch me add more new & exciting designs as I grow & learn.
This is just the beginning. I have tons more waiting in the wings.
I would Love to have you be part of my success & enjoy something I created from home while being the best mommy I can be at the same time.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now go take a look what I am talking about & enjoy the world of ETSY!
Sweet Dreams ~

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What inspires you?
So many things inspire me

Music, wedding magazines,
Lingerie shops from Paris & Italy,
Haute couture,
things you would never expect from me,
from looking at my designs.
I just came across Jared Golds site.
I found these pictures.
I LOVE them.
YUMMY eye candy.
So bold & yet flirty sweet & daring.
Then I recognized this girl .
Lisa Da'mato from that top model show
my girls watch.& of course I get into it. ~
hey theres that big mouth girl...
well.. she will admit to that.
But I did think she had very strong features.
She did more modeling work before, than anyone knew.
Someone said "get your teeth
fixed" bla bla bla...
jealousy can make you shout out horrible things.
I personally think her teeth
add characture & thats her look.
I love this Pink outfit.
now Im going to create
something with that look
Then I came across another
Etsy Friend "FromHollandWithLove"
& her sweet little Dutch pouches...
Are they not too sweet or what?
This all reminds me of the designer "Oilily"...

Please take a look at her site & mine while your at it.
Support HANDMADE & shop Etsy,
the real people, the artist, not a factory.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Bling Bling.....

Check out this jewelry designer on ETSY ~ Jessi Taylor. I LOVE these two rings.
So simple yet strong. Im a princess & it has my name on it. & the NORTH STAR.... I came up with that name for my husbands car dealership back home. NORTH STAR MOTORS. Im always thinking marketing & strategy etc... We Lived in the North Eastern PA. hence North star ~ Look for the North Star & you'll find us! ok goofy but It worked. well.. we're here now but it was an awesome place & he's the best werever he goes. Sooooo these two rings are calling me.
I like clean, simple elegance. some days simple others days a little bit more bling. but not royalty dripping with diamonds. you know what i mean right?
ok....I like diamonds! I buy lots of jewelry, well I used to, but I stil like wearing just my diamond? so since I LOVE so many things... You all need to buy them for me. & SUPPORT ETSY, INDIE & handmade
It makes a differnce!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

So MOD & VOGUE for FAll

How MOD is this for your little one? Imagine your
trend setting darling wearing this with some Bold
tights this fall.... Any Pucci tights available?
Too fun & so striking. This dress screams STYLE!
Perfect while out to lunch with friends...Let all the girls know you have style just like your Posh mommy.

Whats even better... It is reversable. 2 for one! Yea.

So support HANDMADE! ~Lassie Girl @ ETSY


I have been so busy with everything I forgot to share this sweet find.
I bought this cute little onesie from my fellow ESTY/BLOGGER FRIEND awhile back.
She is the sweetest girl & makes the sweetest clothes for little ones ~ & other little treasures.
She made mine with a little ruffle trim at the sleeves. & this is a little bag to use for whatever I wish. WE use this sweet bag for my precious babies favorite book, doll & pretend baby bottle to take in the car. Its HER little bag of goodies. A perfect little bag to have handy for our million trips in the car. Its sweet & so precious. It has the vintage charm of when days were much more innocent & simple. LOVE IT & LOVE HER.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I don't just LOVE PINK for girls.......

I love Pink. Its so pretty, sweet, & girly. Just a really soothing & soft color.
I don't like ALL the pinks out there.
I don't like" TOO MUCH "of anything.

I don't like overkill & I do not like a nursery to scream ...."BABY".
Well... let me clarify myself. Baby is great. A time to celebrate. Enjoy the time. however... some people tend to go overboard with typical dept. store baby items. POOH, Mickey Mouse & everything that they can put those trademark charactures on; down to the trash can. THEMED. BABY BABY. Don't settle. There are way too many places to shop now. Online & locally. Support handmade. NOT CHINA.
You'll find you could possibly spend less if you didn't do the THEME. Use Pooh for stuffed animal. Mickey & Minnie for toys or Print in a fun frame.If you must have those typical baby items; But find what you already have, or What relatives might pass down to you. Make your nursery or little ones room THEIR own. YOUR style.Not someone elses. Pick your favorite color. That you will enjoy. Show your little one from an early age your style. Find things unexpecting in those colors to decorate the room with. ~ Ok... im getting carried away with this post. Im "branching"... So I will return with more ideas on this subject soon. I just came back to correct a typo. & had to say a bit more. ooops.
I like style, class & sophistication. Believe it or not, with all the shabby things I did back then & the Posh pretty things now and I guess that "shabby chic" style is still out there... im still painting things I guess some would say "shabby chic" The SHABBY is just a bit more Poshed up a bit.... More French or along the classic lines of the softer SWEDISH influences.
Im very Tradional in my own style. Pick anything from VERANDA. You can find my style in there. When I create all my little treasures & talk about all the girly frou frou posh this & thats.... I love it all but not all together, too much. Things stand out more when you have a variety. Not all"princess" themed or not everyting "shabby chic" or just all things cottage. I think you can achieve a more lovely feeling & room of style with adding things you love but not sticking to just one theme. I HATE themes.... I Love what I like. I don't have a paticular style or THEME. Try adding different elements to your room. remove the "overkill" add something traditional, classic, something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. Gosh.... that kinda apply's to decorating. instead of "BLUE" use whatever color it is you love. add a contrasting color for panache, for flair, for fung shui add bit of red. You can make it work. Just try something diff,. Look at the room in a diff. view. How would it look if you added another piece from somewhere else in your home. something un expecting. Just try not too go overboard so it looses its charm & no one sees YOUR style. they just see OH cottage shabby... the same look everyone is doing. STAND APART from everyone else & make it YOUR room, Your STYLE. try it. You don't have to decorate how you think "that theme" is suppose to be. MAKE it YOUR OWN.
Dream with your eyes wide open !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dreamy Headboards....

How is this for a cozy place to nestle? Imagine this lucky princess drifting off to slumerland & dreaming magical dreams.... Nice, huh? Barry Dixon a designer from Viginia designs some gorgeous rooms. I thought this little headboard & the way he transformed this little nook was was way too charming. Not everyone can be as Posh as this but you can use your imagination & look at things in a whole new way.

How dramatic is this? I Love it. This style is way easy to recreate. Very Regal. Very classy. Get some plywood, some batting or foam some great stiped material & if you can't afford it... get white canvas & Paint your stripes.* Little tip ~ use some fabric medium w/ your regular paint. look for some great nail heads or get creative & use some nails or screws that are a bit more chunky & paint them to have the color, stain,metal effect you want. & outline the piece.You can use whatever you want for overhead lighting, sconces or artwork/accessorie for the middle piece. keep it simple, clean & Vogue by a few unique objects. you do not need a whole lot to get big impact. Now let your imagination run wild & dream up diff. headboards & color schemes.

I'd be happy to help ; ) I love a challenge.

Fabulous Jewelry Designer

I found My new Jewlery designer. Amanda Jaron. Her work is beautiful. This coca ~ cola piece is absolutely stunning! Not only is it gorgeous.... Its eco -friendly. Recycled art realy has come along way. Wouldn't you say? This mommy of twins is doing it all & is such a wonderful soul who supports other moms in business. Love her! ~ I love these two pieces also. Check her site out. She has so many styles to choose from and is involved in some great causes too.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Things that inspire me...

I love old world charm, romance, silk, lace, velvet, pearls, old things, chippy paint, distressed furniture, castles, estates, brocade, sexyness & innocence. I love Haute Couture, Vogue, fashion, designs, & other artists...all wrapped up in one. so inspiring to me.

Fashion Inspires Me.....

John Galliano is Awesome!
Mr. Galliano is such a wonderful talented crazy mind full of passion, dreams, creations, style, pizzaz,energy,zest for life, attitude, ideas, & energy that soo inspires me with everything he does. to see him is to admire him & to get shocked at same time.
Do not ever judge a book by a cover. it is so true. you never know what is behind the "mask" and so many have a heart of gold, no bad bone in their body yet might not have the "LOOK" you care for. yet the ones with the "LOOK" you accept.... could have many hidden secrets that are left to be unsaid. Give people a chance before judging
(I wrote this so long ago on my flickr account) & its sooo true.

Pink Fairy Collaged Hook

I LOVE to recycle & use recycled things in my work.
This is an old piece of wood with a big chunky screw painted to use as a hook. Top corner is 2 pearls from some old piece of jewelry. This is painted shabby pink & gesso collaged with bits of writing on light green paper beneath the paint, a few white polka dots for fun.
A Lovely little vintage girl fairy with sweet wings & crown.
Cute lovely thing.
so many things to hang so many ideas for this charming bit of cottage whimsy.
She has a soul this piece, : )
Look for her to make her debut at Etsy soon.

Posh baby & Posh PETS!

I not only design for baby & child, I have also been commissioned to design little pretties for their loved Pets. I love it. Im flattered & I LOVE a challenge.I would love to create more pieces for the Posh pets. Anyone need a little treasure for your pet?(baby)

Some of the things I adorn my pieces with are :
Cherubs,bouquets, Bunnies, Fanciful Pears, Crowns & really anything I find that has the charm & style fit for a princess.
Love finding vintage jewlery, antique trims & even among all this sparkely, glittery, posh girly girl stuff... I love to add a bit of rust & found objects.
I have a fondness for old rusty, chippy, weathered things with a patina. So keep your eye out for some more goodies to come & see how all this lovelyness can be combined with some good old junk!