Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Think Spring!

Hello all my Blogger friends! I have been missing all you creative souls!

It has been a very busy year already for me. I haven't been blogging or doing much online business in awhile. I so miss all the inspiration & kindness from everyone. You would think I would make it a point to come visit you all when I need a break or some positive boost!
My girls have been keeping me pretty busy & Im just trying to do a few designs here & there but this little girl is a handfull. She is full force at everything. For anyone that doesn't know I just had my 5th baby girl about a year ago. She was walking at 91/2 months & running fast now. & talking quite a bit already. I love being a mommy & loved being pregnant but sooo miss being ME. Sometimes you forget who you are. but I guess if your doing something right thats bound to happen.
Anyways...... Im on my way to finding me again & part of that is CREATING.
I joined ETSY in 06 but forgot about it & then got pregnant & just started selling on ETSY.
I have a few video's that i will post for those whom do not know about Etsy yet & for those who do... you might not have seen them. I know im new to ETSY & trying to read as much as I can on the forums & stork & joining teams.... so much to read, learn & do.
If your an artist, designer, photographer, baker, goshhhhh if you CREATE Check ETSY out.
http://www.joelledolcebebe.com/ ~ this is my shop. Its so new & a bunch of this & that. I have TONS to get finished & list. furniture, mirrors, lamps, benches, canvas paintings & lots more.... keep checking back I have lots of goodies that need homes.
Happy Spring!...... Its just around the corner. Get Inspired For Fresh New Things! XOXO

Sweet Etsy Finds.

"This precious outfit is part of the Nicole Belle Designs "Diva Collection." This black tank top is embellished with a pink with black polka dot ribbon centered with a rhinestone buckle. The ribbon attached at the bottom of a black karate pant adds the finishing touch to this precious little outfit."
This is too cute. I like the Bold Look for a change from all the sweet pink. The bottom of the pants are so hip & fun ~A bit of a flair & added ribbon for some Posh Glam.

Go Check her out on ETSY... She has other little goodies in her shop. Have fun!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Im Thinking Green ~

Well not Green like in Fresh Spring things or St. Patricks Day BUT GREEN as in Earth friendly.

Im still Loving my Pinks! However.... Im thinking of focusing a bit on Recycled, reused, revamped materials in my designs. Many ETSY artists are Earth Friendly with their creations. Some are new to it but others are spreading the word to those who have no clue.

So My little part is to Go Green too! Well try it as much as I can.

The Little Pink stool in the Photo above is made from "salvaged" porch spidles for the legs. They were very Dark stained Old junky parts, took layers of yucky paint off & then had to deal with the sunk in stain. but I DID IT!

I made several of them with my Found treasures (junky old spindels)
I use to make alot of little benches & chairs with Old parts (wooden trims,moldings,ballisters etc)for a girl in Texas (years ago before we moved) LOVED IT!

I absolutely LOVE the stool. I had a hard time parting with the other two. so sweet & charming.

who would have known the little history behind such a New Posh Piece for little ones. (safe of course from lead & icky things) Im full aware of all the child safety codes/laws. This mommy doesn't risk anything.

soooo all you creative bloggers.... & friends. Keep checking back on my Etsy for now to see what other treasures I come up with. ~http://www.joelledolcebebe.com/

Im going to realy try to focus on RECYCLED/SALVAGED pieces for my designs.

I use alot of parts already but im going to TRY to only use found pieces. (search Etsy & such for scrap ribbons & still wonderful & CLEAN expensive ribbons, just from other designers that sew etc...) recycling does not mean YUCK. you would be surprised what I can do.
This Sweet Cherub Lilac Board was a salvaged wooden board. I bought the metal hooks new but Must look for salvaged/recycled ones. If you have any you want to get rid of..... send them my way, I'll be your new best friend! : )

Do You Know about ETSY??

Ok.... I got a little bit Video Clip Happy. I found these short clips about ETSY & had to add them to my Myspace. (I rarely go there either. not such a good time online with my hacker/stalker jerk & im trying so hard not to talk about it & only THINK POSITIVE! & im creating a new MYSPACE & being extra careful. Actually Myspace has been good for me, it wasn't myspace that I had problems with. anyways.... A new & improved Posh Bebe Boutique with like minded friends & positive artists will be allowed on this Myspace. ~ just another site to display some inspiration * http://www.myspace.com/joelledolcebebe
Its a Fantastic place to network or just "Park" your LINK to your official sites.(free exposure can not hurt!$$) so anyways sweeties.... a few more clips will be towards the bottom of my POSTS.. so go look down below for some more ETSY Videos. Quite a swell bunch of folk! ; ) just teasing, they are the new way of working in the work place. for the artsy type. Go take a peak & have fun!

Kisses XOXO