Sunday, January 21, 2007

Miss Clara's magical shoe...

Miss Clara
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I Just Love this shoe. This wonderful piece of art is full of details. just so sweet. Don't you ever just wonder where someone comes up with their ideas??? What was she thinking when she created this. Did she intend for it to become a shoe or if making a shoe... did she think it would end up this way??? How do you know when to stop? When is enough ~enough? whatever she did, however she did it... i think it is fantastic. Just imagine all the possibilities you can do with paper. Its so plyable & really anything can adhere to it. i think Im going to look at using paper in a different way from now on. Im going to try something new using paper. I suppose the ideas are endless. if anyone gives it a try... let me know. let us all know. be creative!
Challenge yourself. Inspire us!

Dream Collage Ornament

Dream Collage Ornament
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I love Old World charm with just a hint of color.Its so magical & charming. Dream away.... Hope's designs are magical & very inspiring. I always love looking at her work. it really motivates me to create something dreamy! Thanks. xox

Miss Clara

Miss Clara
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so yummy & sweet! all her pieces inspire me to create something magical .

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ideas for a Princess Room ~ DREAM BIG!

ADD painted little pails/buckets to store all her little toys & books. Keep her room simple & clutter free with pretty places to store her precious things.
If her THINGS have a pretty place to be put ~ she's more likely to put them away in their "SPECIAL" home. I can Design Large bins to small little buckets. All one of a kind & oh so sweet. The ideas are endless for creating these fun containers.

Little things for a princess room ~

Add some sweet silk curtains puddeling on the floor tied back with something whimsical & original ~ surprising. & sheer fabric in the middle. try BOLD stripe Pink & cream or Pink & mint green if you can find them paired with a tiny floral sheers. Make it a magical, fabicful place for your little one to dream. Im going now to look for the curtains. ADD GLITZ & GLAM with a Bit of COTTAGE CHARM and it will delight the eyes of anyone whom enters her place of wondermint! DREAM BIG & ENJOY!

Monday, January 08, 2007

A little of what I do....

Im going to start posting pictures of things I have created. Some things iI have sold & many things are still HERE waiting to find a home.Im busy being a mommy & we moved about 2 years ago so just trying to get settled in a new State & new surroundings with 4 girls isn't easy. Plus i just recently had our 5th girl. She is our Christmas baby!!!! So as you will be able to tell ~ Im a Girly girl mommy & I create girly girl things. I love what I do but I need to find others that LOVE it too. So if You or anyone you might know is ever interested in anything I do. PLEASE let me know. (
I need to get going on creating a new Line & getting it out to baby boutiques or ANY store that would enjoy my line ~ Joelle Dolce Bebe. European inspired little treasures for anyone whom appreciates ~ ALL THINGS PRETTY. From little gifts to painted furniture.
I Love fanciful, whimsical & old world charm in my pieces.( fit for a princess.) I try to design things that are sweet & charming for little girls yet not too trendy that they don't last next year.Having 5 girls makes me think about creating things that are sweet yet functional and will last longer. I would love my little treasures to be treasures for your loved ones.
these photos are not the best. They are soo much sweeter in person. Filled with lots of little details. I love to use Ribbons & roses, crystals, vintage jewlery, semi precious gems, vintage trims, special custom blended paints I created using a gold powder as accents to give old world charm, aged patina, vintage hardware,painted berries, w/ sparkles, german glitter & crystal glitter. Its the extra details that all us little girls LOVE & never get tired of.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

keepsake boxes

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joelle Dolce Bebe

Im suppose to be the creative one in the family. So why is it taking me forever to figure out this BLOG thing? I finally got a Myspace, it appears to look pretty sweet, (haha ..)but im having a hard time getting this one going. Maybe it has to do with being a perfectionist.??? ~ well I know it has a lot to do with it. i would LOVE to meet other artist/designers that have that problem & how they get over it hindering all their projects.I know I can delete or edit or just change things but for some reason im still here ~ trying to figure out how to get going... what to say, wich pictures to post etc... Maybe its the fear of actually "writing/saying something & having others judge me on that too??? I LOVE what I do. i LOVE to create. I DREAM constantly of sweet designs & fabulous rooms & charming little gifts. I DREAM WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN ~ I not only say that alot ~ well... post it to others I write to, but I really do dream with my eyes WIDE open. I am always designing something in my head. I believe it all started at a very early age. It is my way of coping with stress. Stress is part of my life, when your someone like me... Its just part of your life. Im a perfectionist, very hard on myself, a people pleaser, a MOMMY (and we all know stress is something that comes along with that) a wife to a workaholic, and just someone trying to have a perfect life & that just isn't so easy. Soooo Dreaming & creating is MY THERAPY! Much needed therapy. I have always created something. When I was young I would design a castle in my head and then at night I would describe it to my little sister. Even at a young age I would design my castle very classy & regal... not your typical little girl Pink & purple kinda stuff. I have no idea where that all came from. but back then.... I was full of details.I have a very vivid imagination....Im full of ideas, im constantly creating something, trying new things & getting bored easy. oh... I also believe I have adult add or adhd??? whatever its called. so that maybe another reason for trying something new, or just a new project.I like to move on fast yet I like things the same???? ~ ok... label that one. haha finally going to try this.I have so many inspiring photos & artists that I have found that i will share...Some You might already know, some maybe not. but i will be more than happy to pass along my new found treasures. I love to be inspired & I love to inspire. Hopefully comming here & doing this I will be able to do both. I LOVE doing what I do.I know my style isn't for everyone but im here to find those whom will appreciate what I do & Hopefully be able to find those whom will want me to create something for them to treasure. Or those whom will bring out whats yet to surface from this creative mind.Im not perfect & either are my designs. Im learning & improving everyday. Remember this is all new to me & im surprised I even wrote this much. I know there is alot of mistakes & alot of "buts" ~ BUT this is just a blog to me. if I worry about misspelling, grammer, puncuation etc... i'll never post anything.Im a mommy to 5 little girls(I just had a baby Dec. 7th) I have a 165 lb female rottweiler & im fostering a yellow lab(for almost a year) sooooo my head is spinning, time is very precious to me & Life is too short to worry about being critized on my little blogs. So please bare with me? or is it bear??? haha ... oh.... most often its either very early or super late so who knows if any of this will make sence or just repeating myself. O well.... maybe you'll be amused?
Wish me Luck.

Sweet dreams ~