Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy busy busy....

Hello everyone. I haven't been posting lately but I still think about all my blog friends. Im wondering how everyones New year is going. Im super busy. Alot of different projects & things going on in my life. My one year old little baby girl is very active. Not walking everywhere but running. She is full of energy & so super smart already. Im so happy. She Loves broccoli & today ate green peppers in slices. Ohhhh how I so hope she will be eating healthy & not picky. She is such a great baby & happy & Loves to learn new things everyday!!! I am truely blessed. I hate waiting & hate stress. However.... My girls come first & I figured I should focus on my girls right now & take a short break & not try to do everything all at once. For me to not paint or create something daily, is soooo hard. I always feel the need to be productive & busy. I am busy but family busy not designs. Maybe this was a good break for me to refresh??? I hope. I need to move forward & get my designs out there.
Soooo to all of you who believe in me ~ THANK YOU! Big huge kisses & hugs to you. I am so very greatful for all your support & encouragement. ALL of You. Every single one of you whom left me a comment, message or emailed me. I treasure your thoughtful words & time. I wish you all tons of LOVE, health, happiness & success.
Keep checking back, I should be posting much more soon.
Enjoy your week.
Believe in yourself.