Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet cherub cottage charm, or perhaps Fanciful cherub wondermint, or even French country Style. Whatever it is or whatever you prefer, these pieces will make any girl feel special & they will add so much charm & many dreams in her room. I could see these not only in a little girls bedroom, or nursery but also in a bathroom to hang washclothes/towles, guest towles, a robe, kitchen ~ your favorite apron, or perfect place to hold your bag/purse when you come in, whatever you think. I think its pretty enough for all of us wherever you decide.

Not your style? Be the hit at the next baby shower. Truely a gift that will last & never be forgotten.

Part de vivre ~

Be inspired some more ~

Charmed Im Sure..

What a Charming little cherub this is. So sweet & classy yet functional at the same time. A true angelic piece for a princess who derserves all the Best! This is a iron cherub sitting upon a piece of molding & I attached a hook underneath. Painted with Old World Charm, hints of gold dusted upon it. Wonderful Bouquet with peachy pink flowers & sweet green silk ribbon.Of course a few pearls, painted berries with dash of sparkels.

This Glorious piece is a lovely hook. What a wonderful way to display your favorite TUTU, ballet shoes, antique dress, favorite sweater, or simply a straw bag or whatever your heart desires.Believe me, You won't find anything like it elsewhere. This is All Joelle Dolce Bebe style.Original, unique & oh so sweet!

Kiss Kiss ~Joelle

Inspiring Places ~

*Ladurée Royale ~This tea salon created in 1862 and decorated with wainscoting and frescos depicting angelic pastry chefs and voluptuous ladies, became a favorite address for people from all walks of life. Since then the tea room’s habitués have rubbed shoulders with tourists and personalities from the world over.

Ooooh La La French inspiration....

I Love Paris. I Love French things. I LOVE European cities & their wealth of art & architecture & the old world charm..... oh of course the European men & their accents. Don't we all. Never mind men, Women too. I just love accents. I have always been fascinated with the long ago world of antiques & castles & anything that made me believe in fairy tales & what granduer it all entailed. Maybe thats why I love to create little tesors that have the charm of long ago French boutiques. All their little goodies for the special little girls whom had to have the best. Not your typical decor each commoner would have but Unique pieces that weren't found in the everyday stores. These pieces were found on shopping trips to Big cities were only the affluent would travel. Yes, thats what I envisioned when I would dream of what a little princess might have in her special little bedroom. Today I still do the same. I try to create a piece no other will have. A charming piece of something fanciful yet practical & just so sweet to look at.

I Love dreaming & adding that little extra something to make it special. You can always be assured that no two will ever be exactly alike.I design everything & create everything myself. Im a mommy to 5 girls. Im not a factory in China. Its all me. I Love what I do. I want to continue creating & dreaming up magical designs for your special princess, her friends & anyone you know that deserves a special gift.
If you have ideas.... share them with me. I would love to help you dream up a wonderful gift for someone you want to impress or make feel special. Special words, sweet sentiments or famous poems can be added to any piece I create. Just let me know.

So for now, please enjoy my pictures of what I do & those in wich inpsire me.

Enjoy ~

This is my "Sweet Cherub" hook in iced lilac.
Painted the softest lilac & hints of gold, whitewashed for a dreamy effect on a distressed/salvaged board (perhaps from an old cottage in the picturesque town of Provence.)

A bouquet of lavender hued flowers & painted berries & bits of sparkles from crystal & glass glitter adorn this piece. Simply charming & oh so sweet!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just Another bit of Yummy Eye Candy

Ohhhh just one more peak at another find on Tracy Porters inspiring site.These frames are so romantic & have that old world charm & distressed feel like all the altered art & collages alot of us already have been doing. So this is just to confirm what we already know. We're all doing great & there is room for all of us in this big wonderful world & Thanks to Great, talented & creative souls Like Tracy Porter. We have some wonderful women to lead the way....... Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! : )

ohhhh one more.....Scandalously-chic find.....

Look at these shoes! Seriously.I love them. I don't buy shoes like I use to. I miss them. Its one little splurge that really makes the outfit! I could really see these wearing jeans. I wish i wore jeans. : ) a realy great pair. im so the little black dress girl but you know... I really see these with Jeans. It does have the little touch of RED for the holiday season ~ So yea.... go treat yourself. Your only trying to get into the HOLIDAY SPIRIT right? Endulge!

(now if I could only find the correct way to do this posting crap & clean it up a bit so you just click on the picture & it takes you there without all this mumble jumble) I have done it before, just forget how I do things sometimes.....) I'll get there.

Whimsical & Fanciful gifts.....

What a sweet find..... As I was looking for inspiration I stumbled across TRACY PORTER.MY oh my.... thats another story I must tell later. What a Girl! What a wonderful women. One of my first true inspiring stories & role models. Just a bunch of happy, yummy, creative, glittery, magical, unique yet classy inspiration all in one big package called TRACY PORTER. Read all you can about her. She is truely a success story. Im so happy to have found her & be inspired by this delightful & creative soul. ~

I came across this cute little appetizer tray on her site. Only $74. Truely a unique piece. Just different. What caught my eye was ~ wouldn't this be too sweet for a little girl? Pretty colors for her room. Whimsical & fanciful. For All kinds of tea parties & yummy treats or for all her little jewels, rings & you know, sparkely things princess's seem to have.

Its not alot of money for something unqiue & painted if you can afford these kind of things. however if You can't afford it right now It still is a fun piece to dream about & come up with your own version. take what you will with it & enjoy the picture.

Let your imagintation sore & dream all the possibilities with unexpecting finds.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Isn't it great to be a girl........this costume is super sugary frou frou girly girl sweet! Her princess is as cute as you can get!

super sweetness!

Such a charming & rich costume. Just beautiful. Take a peak into this talented moms store on ebay. So creative & filled with lots of details & magic.I got oodles of inspiration from all her designs. Now what shall I create? I'd LOVE to make a little pedistal keepsake box in these BOLD colors. But who would buy it? ORANGE is a strong color. Maybe for Halloween a magical pumpkin treasure box. For the more Posh Mom who loves to decorate for Halloween but in a more Posh look? because you know... i would have to add my yummy details, gold dusted powder, a little crystal here a rhinestone there & you know... all the sparkle the posh Princess uses to decorate... not your typical halloween decorations. You know the one whom likes to stand out among the rest. If you know her... send her my way. : )

Friday, October 05, 2007

Note from Cheri:This cookie design is a creation of my friends Mary Ann Ross and Kimberly Lainson, the party divas at

*If I get extra time & a little help from My sweet princess, I'll even put a little black bowtie at his neck & use a long cookie/candy stick (whatever you call them)
I'll just do Frankenstine, but I thought the Frankie bride was cute too.

I think these will be cute to have at the "HARVEST HAPPENING".....not like I have extra time to make complicated cookies, but I think with help from my sweet princess, this is not as complicated as it looks. well, time consuming. I know its not complicated, but BAKING is for me lately.
If i do these, i'll post them & the pail I paint if i get time.

wish me luck!

I just came across this site Looking for Halloween cookies to make for my daughters "HARVEST HAPPENING" sweet shop at school.
So many creative recipes & creepy looking cookies..I want to make them all. But I think I'll stick to just 2 or 3 & possibly paint a cute pail to put them in & her teacher can keep the pail for herself after.

I'll make sure to wrap them in celephane (orange) & maybe make whatever cookie I decide to do ~ I'll make extra large & put it on a stick to make it fun for the children.Plus they'll make my "pail/bucket" look fun....

*Click on the link for the recipe & for other recipes.
Cheri Sicard ~ editor of this wonderful site had this to say:
This cool idea for delicious but creepy Halloween cookies that really look like fingers, comes to us from Jenny Wanderscheid, editor of, where you can visit year round for great kids crafts and activities.
If you want to make toes instead of fingers, shape your cookies a little shorter and fatter and leave off the red coloring on the almond "nail."
Politcally Correct Finger CookiesReader Connie Johnson sent this wonderful story, with a terrific idea for diversifying these cookies:"I just read the Halloween section of the newsletter and thought I would share a story with you. I am a volunteer with Junior Achievement and was presenting the Business Basics Program to a Grade 6 class. It was close to Halloween, so I made Witch's Fingers for the class. I handed them out and one of my Asian students came to me and said, 'Ms. Johnson, did you know if you put chocolate in the cookies, you could make brown ones too?' The teacher and I had a great laugh and I thanked the student for his tip. I haven't tried it yet but plan to make these 'politically correct' cookies this year by adding cocoa to the recipe."