Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Mind is Having a Party

Click on the pictures for a larger view....

This is a colorful little piece of artwork that I am working on. I have been painting so much with such soft colors & sweet details.I needed to do something different. A girl on ETSY loves everything I do but she says her home is more modern & bold. Her daughters rooms are brighter & trendy.She said she would love to have me create something for her and she asked me if I did other types of work besides the softer designs. I told her I do everything. I have been focusing on a certain style but I love a challenge & like to play around with different things.Previously I said I was inspired by Oilily , those sweet little Dutch pouches with the more vivid colors from my Etsy friend & those 2 tops below designed by Jared gold, and that I was going to make something from their yummy & inspiring photo's. However... when I began to paint I just went with it & this piece ended up this way instead.
I still love it. My oldest daughter LOVES it ~ so it must be ok?
It is Fun, bright, bold, whimsical & just different. It was fun.
It isn't finished so I can't post it on My Etsy shop just yet,
but I wanted to post it now to see how it looks online.
I Need to take pictures outside & diff. angles.
Tomarrow. I hope it doesn't rain.
I have a few more im working on with this "MacKenzie-Childs theme.
Flirty, fun, Bold, Vogue & whimsical.
Please let me know what you think. This was fun doing something different.
I just have so many ideas in this little mind of mine.
I want to do it all.
It is hung with a hanger in the back, but I think I need to have a "faux" ribbon, or crystal chain, or metal chain of some sorts , or possibly a leather rope to hang it from just for decoration?
What do you think? Any ideas.... PLEASE share.
I want this to be perfect.
Bonne Nuit ~
Joelle XO

* it measures 11 x 12 inches


Heather Dixey said...

I think it's great. Just add a ribbon hanger and it will be finished. Good job. Lovely!

Sygnet Creations said...

I think your work is darling!! Great job =)

marion said...

This is FUN!

Bea said...

Ooh I love everything on here! :) What a lovely blog!

Cathy said...

you have a beautiful store and this piece is beautiful - it's bold yet whimsical (hard to explain lol)

I think a ribbon hanger might do the trick but you would have to make sure it didn't detract from the ribbon at the top of the piece :)

Sandra Evertson said...

Love the spotted bunnies!
Sandra Evertson

Atticbabys said...

What an enchanting Blog you have! Thanks for the sweet comments on mine!
I'll be back for more eye candy!