Sunday, September 21, 2008

New BLOG over here.....

Please check out my new blog im starting.
Starting fresh, well... still need the blog makeover but for now im posting here until we get it done. not sure if we'll stay here on BLOGGER or go elsewhere. what do you recommend???
It has been 6 months since I have been to blog land. I so miss everyone.
Im ready for change and to start fresh!
ohhhh a sweet girl made this picture for me last year from MYSPACE. I didn't ask her, she just did it. its diff. but so sweet of her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty has her moments too

Oh by the way..... Last Post, I wasn't refering to me being Sleeping Beauty, but the title was catchy and this is what its going to be about here. Inspiration, fun & ideas & as much pretty things as I find to share with you all. If I find something that inspires me, and believe me, I get inspired by wayyyyyyy diff. mediums and styles. If it inspires me who knows what you can draw from it so I'll share it too. I'll try not to write too much, I write as much as I talk.... this mommy needs to get around adults more often. so remember I have 5 girls and my mind is spinning from it all.
Get creating! Have fun!!
XO Joelle

Sleaping Beauty Awakes....

Wow... has time slipped away from me for a bit. The last time I was on here was about 6 months ago. Shame on me. This little land of inspiration was much needed for me. How could I have let it go??? So many wonderful, thoughtful, sharing, caring, giving & talented souls all right here in the blogland. A place to escape and dream. Get creative, motivated, ideas, inspiration & support, yet I slipped away for a bit and continued with my hectic, stressful long days of being a mommy alone without much support. Ohhhh the drama and caotic schedules of a busy family with 5 girls, 2 big dogs(one a rescue STILL here) a workaholic husband and some really bad issues I had to deal with, almost all by myself. Not good when some horrible things happening have to do with neighbors. Yes one right next door was a stay at home DADDY. A computer geek hacker freak! CREEP. His wife is??? a dr. shrink! go figure! anyways... they took off left fast before selling their home and the story continues.......The other neighbor must have figured since the wife was a dr. that she should run & tell her something that she wanted to cause more drama about and she actually didn't put childrens safety first, she let jealousy get the best of her sooooooo ~ I can not go into it right now.BUT!!!! I WILL. Its important people pay attention to things around them and not be ignorant. Weirdos are everywhere. bad guys aren't JUST the crack heads in the ghetto. Its been very unhealthy for me. for my girls. Im dealing with alot of stress and negativity and I realy could use a friend and Im comming back here to get you all back and find me again and not let jealous, hypactritical, selfish people bring me down. I have children to take care of. THEY do not need cold mothers to distract me from being the best mommy I can be.
PARENTS.... pay attention to how you act in front of your children. The way your children behave most often reflect your behavior. Lifes to short and your children need you to be the best you can be. Not a Jealous. caddy, selfish, bi*chy wannaB. (sorry, I had to get that out and im done)
Lets just say its time for me to move forward, get back to LIVING life again. Love my girls and keep them safe and happy and be inspired and hopefully inspire others.
I Miss YOU ALL who have been to my blog and to those of you whom I know from all over.
I seriously LOVE you all for your creative souls!
Best Wishes ~