Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Spirit ....

Christmas Spirit is in the air. People are decorating all over. here in the South.. many decorate BEFORE Thanks Giving. Can you believe it all you Northerners??? Most Have their tree & outside decorated the next day. It looks so lovely & everyone is putting Christmas Spirit in the air. I guess we need a little more Christmas Spirit down here since we do not get all the Christmasy snowflakes. I think I seen a tiny flake or 2 last year. My girls do not miss bundling up, but i sure do. I miss their cute little red noses. Seeing their little breath in the air when they talk. Building snowmen together. making snow angels together. Going sledding at Lake Shore with all the neighbors. Having my girls go to the Peak n Peak every weekend to ski. My daughter used to be on SKI club at school. (in elementary, can you believe it, that's how close we were to the Peak. That's a big ski resort near where we live. All my girls would ski during the winter season. I got a break & did my things & had goodies for them when they came home.
My brother ski's all over the world. He just went to dinner with that red headed carrot top guy won the olympics???? In Chile. He's a serious skiir,I like to go to the ocean & get tan & watch for dolphins & sharks. I hate being cold. I will one day get over that & ski with them all.
I even want to learn how to surf? well... im getting off subject here but I guess im reminicing a bit by myself and dreaming about plans to come...
Anyways....Off to pick my daughter up.
I wish you all some happy shopping times ahead & some time to bake & enjoy the Christmas time with your loved ones.
Peace ~

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Kary said...

Beautiful photos .... Yep - love the winter & the snow!!