Saturday, November 17, 2007

ETSY ~ Time to Shop!!!

I am new to ETSY. Well, I joined about a year ago. I was only a buyer until now. I just recently started as a seller. I am so new. I don't even think anyone knows I am there. So many sellers & so many different things out there. It can be overwhelming. Even to the most seasoned seller. Always new things added daily.

It is so CRAZY. So many people I run into have no idea about ETSY. Never heard of it before.
So its wild how great it is doing & all the press & stock etc... That means it is even yet wayyyy more Bigger than we know. MORE money to be made, more & more people to reach. A huge market is an understatement. Its International baby!
The one huge difference being International is ~ The People. The artists, the designers. Self representing artists. One of a kind. No big huge factory here. Just people. Real people. A huge variety of people. There is something for everyone. There is even more on the way.
Talk about inspiration.
Who can't get inspired here.
I brought in a "friend" from myspace. WOW! BAM!
Talk about Overwhelming. She was spinning. She didn't know where else to go after looking at my shop. She loved it. She was hooked. She had just begone the journey.
I now think we have yet another artist in the making. She was inspired. She was motivated.
She got the bug. She too wants to live the American dream. Wait! Its not just the American dream anymore... Its International. It is a bond between the world & cyber business. cyber workforce in motion. Our work. Our creations & designs & hobbies & goods all coming together bonding us all from all over the world. There is no walls. It wide open for the general public. wherever you are. You have choices now. More than you ever did. To choose to be a consumer wherever you wish, in whatever country you want. To choose to be your own boss. Your own business, however you want to project it & succeed with it. Your own terms.
This is Etsy.
Its your way of life & what You want to make of it.
I am a business women. A mommy. A designer. A consumer. A critic. A friend. A mentor & a student. I am all those things here at Etsy.
I've only begone the journey.
I have so much to learn, so much to buy, & even so much more to make. The sky's the limit.
I am lucky to have Etsy in my life & help me pursue my dreams.
I am Joelle Dolce Bebe Come take a peak into my shop & see me in the beginning & what I have to offer & watch me add more new & exciting designs as I grow & learn.
This is just the beginning. I have tons more waiting in the wings.
I would Love to have you be part of my success & enjoy something I created from home while being the best mommy I can be at the same time.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now go take a look what I am talking about & enjoy the world of ETSY!
Sweet Dreams ~

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