Friday, November 23, 2007

ohhhh one more Sweet thing ~

Look at these sweet soft sewn stuffed animals.
I LOVE white. I love simple, clean & fresh style.
Just charming. Who would think some stuffed geese could look so classy? Im not a huge fan of stuffed animals & all the dust mites that can come with them & clutter & fuzzies etc... but these would look great for those who don't care for the masses of commercial stuffed animals that every child has. Clean, sweet, one of a kind.
So unique. I would LOVE to see these in a gorgeous baby boutique or home decor store with a baby & child section. If I could sew... I would try these! hint hint.... anyone?

Cuddly Stuffed Animals - Japanese Craft Book
by chocolateswirl

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Lisa said...

Ah, you're so right about these wonderful geese. I can just see them in the window of a unique and upscale baby shoppe. I'd love to find a pattern for these. Adorable for sure. Your blog is always a great place to visit with all your wonderful little finds and pictures.