Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What inspires you?
So many things inspire me

Music, wedding magazines,
Lingerie shops from Paris & Italy,
Haute couture,
things you would never expect from me,
from looking at my designs.
I just came across Jared Golds site.
I found these pictures.
I LOVE them.
YUMMY eye candy.
So bold & yet flirty sweet & daring.
Then I recognized this girl .
Lisa Da'mato from that top model show
my girls watch.& of course I get into it. ~
hey theres that big mouth girl...
well.. she will admit to that.
But I did think she had very strong features.
She did more modeling work before, than anyone knew.
Someone said "get your teeth
fixed" bla bla bla...
jealousy can make you shout out horrible things.
I personally think her teeth
add characture & thats her look.
I love this Pink outfit.
now Im going to create
something with that look
Then I came across another
Etsy Friend "FromHollandWithLove"
& her sweet little Dutch pouches...
Are they not too sweet or what?
This all reminds me of the designer "Oilily"...

Please take a look at her site & mine while your at it.
Support HANDMADE & shop Etsy,
the real people, the artist, not a factory.


Raven said...

I know who this is...her makeup rocks on this shoot.


Joelle said...

LOVE the colors.
just realy fun & yummy details.

hope you like the piece im doing inspired by this set.
: )

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket!