Friday, November 02, 2007

Fashion Inspires Me.....

John Galliano is Awesome!
Mr. Galliano is such a wonderful talented crazy mind full of passion, dreams, creations, style, pizzaz,energy,zest for life, attitude, ideas, & energy that soo inspires me with everything he does. to see him is to admire him & to get shocked at same time.
Do not ever judge a book by a cover. it is so true. you never know what is behind the "mask" and so many have a heart of gold, no bad bone in their body yet might not have the "LOOK" you care for. yet the ones with the "LOOK" you accept.... could have many hidden secrets that are left to be unsaid. Give people a chance before judging
(I wrote this so long ago on my flickr account) & its sooo true.

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