Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crown Prince fairy

What a charming little Royal Fairy this little guy is.

I so loved making him. He is such a handsome Prince. He WILL one day Rule the world. I painted the matt as well as the frame to all blend together. I used wax over the entire piece. I just rubbed it all over. Not bees wax but furniture wax. I just wanted to see how it would turn out. I had no idea but It worked & it turned out great & I LOVE it. Gives it an aged appearance. Very dreamy. I also rubbed on & off a burt umber paint for antique effect also.

Just to see how it would look. I used a wide cream silk ribbon at the top. then thought it needed a bit of black at the top so i used a black & white gingham ribbon ..... as if it were hung by the ribbon, but it was only for effect. whomever would buy this can figure out what way you want to go with it & do whatever you want. im going to post this on Etsy or ebay? not sure yet which one. I am going to list some things on ebay too. I have several things on etsy. I never solf on there yet. I used to sell on ebay years ago. I had over 1,000 positive feedbacks. It stinks that i have to start all over. O well. I'll get it back again. I am working on a web site with this wondeful girl. I hope to sell from there, etsy, ebay & have my myspace & flickr too. Any links & exposure to ME ~ JOELLE Dolce Bebe is great. I hope its worth it to have more than one place. Let me know if you have any other ideas or what works for you. I would appreciate it as well as anyone else reading this that may have same questions.

thank you & keep creating. XOXO Joelle

Pink Cottage charm & sparkles...

Pink. What a pretty color. Its seems PINK is the NEW BLACK! (whatever that really means???) I wear Black all the time. Little black dress. Not gothic. Not to HIDE myself. Just becuase I usually find really wonderful dresses, tops that look great on me & happen to be made in black. Ofcourse, they do make me FEEL skinnier too : )I happen to get a lot of wonderful comments too when i wear black. So I like wearing black. However... I sooo adore PINK. Its so feminine, pretty, soft, romantic & dreamy for ALL ages. Im not sure why the last few years PEOPLE have gone crazy with Pink. to me, I have always loved it. for those whom are appreciating it now? im not sure what sparked the big Girly craze? Maybe people are figuring out its ok to be girly & you can still be STRONG & independent at the same time. GO GIRLS! YEA for you all ~ FINALLY getting it. Don't be afraid to be YOU, A GIRL. Old or young ~ your still a girl. be proud. just don't let commerical things define you. Except it because thats who you are. Im old fashioned at heart. Even though I want to be the next multi millionare just like everyone else reaching/persuing their DREAMS, but I do know being a mommy, MY place is at home with my family.I am lucky to be able to. Im very grateful. I Love being a mommy, but I miss having a identity other than MOMMY. So designing, creating, dreaming & meeting other artist (hate to say the C word)shhhhh...crafters.(tell you later why ~ for me)
Mommy is an important job & a proud thing. I love it. I guess I just want my girls to see me being more than that. To see me being successful as some of their friends moms whom have "real Professional" jobs. I guess I want them to see that the "crafters" can make just as much & tons more if they are ambitious enough to persue it.
I am. Im ready. Now what? ; ) XOXO

This is another sweet little fairy collage that i am working on right now. She is the sweetes little thing. I think she looks a bit like all my girls when they were little. Im trying to add a bit more to it. Maybe a little sparkle here or there. All the little white circles will have glass glitter on them... outlined with gold. Her crown also have circles on the top wich are painted a green & Glass glitter on them too. Very magical & sweet. I think it is cute the way it is, but im trying to find something diff. to use & maybe hang with something clever & unique. She needs a wand & ribbon at corner of box. Have to add some pearls & crystals perhaps??? whatever it is that i find.... Im sure she will be ready for some young princess to enjoy. Now I just need to figure out should it be on EBAY or ETSY??? How does one figure those things out?

Monday, June 04, 2007

This silly Blog needs a makeover

I haven't been on here in soo long. Kinda have been avoiding it. I think its about time I get this Blog cleaned up & full of yummy pictures & new designs i have been working on.well I found a wonderful girl whom is going to help me with it. I hope i can turn this Blog into a spot for all my links & make it productive.I don't know how you all do it??? I think I have been spending too much time reading so many inspiring blogs that Iforgot about mine.... Noooo thats not true. I avoided mine. Well I hope to get organized soon. Big Huge Thank you to sooo many of you that have inspired me & motivated me to continue this creative journey.Thank you all!!! Best Wishes too, to all of you. XOXO Joelle