Friday, November 09, 2007

Bling Bling.....

Check out this jewelry designer on ETSY ~ Jessi Taylor. I LOVE these two rings.
So simple yet strong. Im a princess & it has my name on it. & the NORTH STAR.... I came up with that name for my husbands car dealership back home. NORTH STAR MOTORS. Im always thinking marketing & strategy etc... We Lived in the North Eastern PA. hence North star ~ Look for the North Star & you'll find us! ok goofy but It worked. well.. we're here now but it was an awesome place & he's the best werever he goes. Sooooo these two rings are calling me.
I like clean, simple elegance. some days simple others days a little bit more bling. but not royalty dripping with diamonds. you know what i mean right?
ok....I like diamonds! I buy lots of jewelry, well I used to, but I stil like wearing just my diamond? so since I LOVE so many things... You all need to buy them for me. & SUPPORT ETSY, INDIE & handmade
It makes a differnce!


Cheryl said...

Hello, Sweets! Just wanted to stop in and say hello! Hugs to you and your sweeties...cheryl :)

lissylew said...

Us newbies have to stick together! Thanks for your comment. I love your page. Vive l'Etsy!

Donna said...

Thanks for featuring this artist! I would never have found her otherwise. Such lovely rings!

gorgeousredhead said...

thank you for the sweet comment!! I love love love your profile picture!! (and your shop) :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks so much for the visit!

Joelle said...

Thank YOu wonderful girls for stopping by.
You so made me happy!
I love finding new designers in
many forms.
Yo all have great blogs by the way! : )