Thursday, November 29, 2007

My head is spinning, Christmas is comming....Fast.

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. As usual I promised myself that i would TRY to get my Christmas shopping done right after summer. YEA right!

Don't we all promise to get it finished sooner than last year. but I REALY wanted to have it all handled before the season started so I could focus on decorating, painting, Christmas cookies & such to pass out to family & friends & school. Enjoy doing some Christmas parties at school too.

Relax & enjoy the Holiday spirit & all the wonderful christmas shows on tv with my girls. Go see new Movies with them, possibly even with my husband. ( looks like that just won't happen, he is always too busy)

I know if I got all the shopping finished I would still shop right up to the last minute but only for extras but there would be no hurry or stress in doing it.

Well.... Im not even close to being done. I NEVER even got close to starting after summer. WHY!

Why make a promise to myself when I know what will happen... because I KNOW I can do it. I will just try harder next year.

I think the Holiday season is ment to be with your family & friends & not about the material things but thats just how society has become. (well a big part of it)

I do not want to miss out on my little ones enjoying the christmas shows & having me there with them relaxing, not all stressed out. I want to make cookies & not worry about the mess or if they are perfect but enjoyed it with my girls because they do not care.

I want to make "homemade" gifts with my girls that are too sweet & alot of love gone into them & it shows & pass out to our family & friends.

Thats why it is so important to me to get all the Christmas shopping done early. So I can enjoy the Season with my girls.

Well, it looks like It will have to wait another year before that ALL can happen. So I guess I will just have to try to enjoy it as much as I can & get everything done one day at a time.

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