Monday, October 29, 2007

Ooooh La La French inspiration....

I Love Paris. I Love French things. I LOVE European cities & their wealth of art & architecture & the old world charm..... oh of course the European men & their accents. Don't we all. Never mind men, Women too. I just love accents. I have always been fascinated with the long ago world of antiques & castles & anything that made me believe in fairy tales & what granduer it all entailed. Maybe thats why I love to create little tesors that have the charm of long ago French boutiques. All their little goodies for the special little girls whom had to have the best. Not your typical decor each commoner would have but Unique pieces that weren't found in the everyday stores. These pieces were found on shopping trips to Big cities were only the affluent would travel. Yes, thats what I envisioned when I would dream of what a little princess might have in her special little bedroom. Today I still do the same. I try to create a piece no other will have. A charming piece of something fanciful yet practical & just so sweet to look at.

I Love dreaming & adding that little extra something to make it special. You can always be assured that no two will ever be exactly alike.I design everything & create everything myself. Im a mommy to 5 girls. Im not a factory in China. Its all me. I Love what I do. I want to continue creating & dreaming up magical designs for your special princess, her friends & anyone you know that deserves a special gift.
If you have ideas.... share them with me. I would love to help you dream up a wonderful gift for someone you want to impress or make feel special. Special words, sweet sentiments or famous poems can be added to any piece I create. Just let me know.

So for now, please enjoy my pictures of what I do & those in wich inpsire me.

Enjoy ~

This is my "Sweet Cherub" hook in iced lilac.
Painted the softest lilac & hints of gold, whitewashed for a dreamy effect on a distressed/salvaged board (perhaps from an old cottage in the picturesque town of Provence.)

A bouquet of lavender hued flowers & painted berries & bits of sparkles from crystal & glass glitter adorn this piece. Simply charming & oh so sweet!

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