Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whimsical & Fanciful gifts.....

What a sweet find..... As I was looking for inspiration I stumbled across TRACY PORTER.MY oh my.... thats another story I must tell later. What a Girl! What a wonderful women. One of my first true inspiring stories & role models. Just a bunch of happy, yummy, creative, glittery, magical, unique yet classy inspiration all in one big package called TRACY PORTER. Read all you can about her. She is truely a success story. Im so happy to have found her & be inspired by this delightful & creative soul. ~

I came across this cute little appetizer tray on her site. Only $74. Truely a unique piece. Just different. What caught my eye was ~ wouldn't this be too sweet for a little girl? Pretty colors for her room. Whimsical & fanciful. For All kinds of tea parties & yummy treats or for all her little jewels, rings & you know, sparkely things princess's seem to have.

Its not alot of money for something unqiue & painted if you can afford these kind of things. however if You can't afford it right now It still is a fun piece to dream about & come up with your own version. take what you will with it & enjoy the picture.

Let your imagintation sore & dream all the possibilities with unexpecting finds.


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