Sunday, October 21, 2007

Isn't it great to be a girl........this costume is super sugary frou frou girly girl sweet! Her princess is as cute as you can get!

super sweetness!


Vintage Indie said...

Oh I love the costume, it's adorable, although my husband may have a problem with me dressing one of the boys up.

Just checked out your etsy shop it's fab!


Cheryl said...

Can't wait to see your new web site! Be sure and tell me when it's up. Oh I LOVE that costume. I've got something similar in the works for my girly-girls over here!!!! ;) Hugs to you, Sweets!

Joelle said...

Thank you Cheryl! I miss you & JENN! Please tell her Hi & miss you all!
Can't wait to see more of your goodies.
These computer problems makes my computer shut down everytime I go on my etsy & everyone elses & other blogs so I have been avoiding it. can't even add things to sell becuase as soon as I post discription ~ it shuts down. im sooo over this & creepy hackers. other computer is away being examined(I know that must be spelled wrong, its late & being fast!) ironic ALL our computers are hacked. lap tops, family, mine.... GO AWAY creeps! (not you sweetie pies) : )
LoVe you all, talk soon!
muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! XO

laissezfaire said...

Thanks for visiting laissezfaire and pupsikstudio! Looking forward to your website!

Belle-ah said...

OH MY...isn't that just precious! One day (when/if) I ever have a sweet little granddaughter....ahhhhh a return to pink heaven.