Monday, October 29, 2007

Charmed Im Sure..

What a Charming little cherub this is. So sweet & classy yet functional at the same time. A true angelic piece for a princess who derserves all the Best! This is a iron cherub sitting upon a piece of molding & I attached a hook underneath. Painted with Old World Charm, hints of gold dusted upon it. Wonderful Bouquet with peachy pink flowers & sweet green silk ribbon.Of course a few pearls, painted berries with dash of sparkels.

This Glorious piece is a lovely hook. What a wonderful way to display your favorite TUTU, ballet shoes, antique dress, favorite sweater, or simply a straw bag or whatever your heart desires.Believe me, You won't find anything like it elsewhere. This is All Joelle Dolce Bebe style.Original, unique & oh so sweet!

Kiss Kiss ~Joelle

Inspiring Places ~

*Ladurée Royale ~This tea salon created in 1862 and decorated with wainscoting and frescos depicting angelic pastry chefs and voluptuous ladies, became a favorite address for people from all walks of life. Since then the tea room’s habitués have rubbed shoulders with tourists and personalities from the world over.

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