Sunday, October 21, 2007

Such a charming & rich costume. Just beautiful. Take a peak into this talented moms store on ebay. So creative & filled with lots of details & magic.I got oodles of inspiration from all her designs. Now what shall I create? I'd LOVE to make a little pedistal keepsake box in these BOLD colors. But who would buy it? ORANGE is a strong color. Maybe for Halloween a magical pumpkin treasure box. For the more Posh Mom who loves to decorate for Halloween but in a more Posh look? because you know... i would have to add my yummy details, gold dusted powder, a little crystal here a rhinestone there & you know... all the sparkle the posh Princess uses to decorate... not your typical halloween decorations. You know the one whom likes to stand out among the rest. If you know her... send her my way. : )

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