Sunday, October 28, 2007

ohhhh one more.....Scandalously-chic find.....

Look at these shoes! Seriously.I love them. I don't buy shoes like I use to. I miss them. Its one little splurge that really makes the outfit! I could really see these wearing jeans. I wish i wore jeans. : ) a realy great pair. im so the little black dress girl but you know... I really see these with Jeans. It does have the little touch of RED for the holiday season ~ So yea.... go treat yourself. Your only trying to get into the HOLIDAY SPIRIT right? Endulge!

(now if I could only find the correct way to do this posting crap & clean it up a bit so you just click on the picture & it takes you there without all this mumble jumble) I have done it before, just forget how I do things sometimes.....) I'll get there.

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