Sunday, September 21, 2008

New BLOG over here.....

Please check out my new blog im starting.
Starting fresh, well... still need the blog makeover but for now im posting here until we get it done. not sure if we'll stay here on BLOGGER or go elsewhere. what do you recommend???
It has been 6 months since I have been to blog land. I so miss everyone.
Im ready for change and to start fresh!
ohhhh a sweet girl made this picture for me last year from MYSPACE. I didn't ask her, she just did it. its diff. but so sweet of her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty has her moments too

Oh by the way..... Last Post, I wasn't refering to me being Sleeping Beauty, but the title was catchy and this is what its going to be about here. Inspiration, fun & ideas & as much pretty things as I find to share with you all. If I find something that inspires me, and believe me, I get inspired by wayyyyyyy diff. mediums and styles. If it inspires me who knows what you can draw from it so I'll share it too. I'll try not to write too much, I write as much as I talk.... this mommy needs to get around adults more often. so remember I have 5 girls and my mind is spinning from it all.
Get creating! Have fun!!
XO Joelle

Sleaping Beauty Awakes....

Wow... has time slipped away from me for a bit. The last time I was on here was about 6 months ago. Shame on me. This little land of inspiration was much needed for me. How could I have let it go??? So many wonderful, thoughtful, sharing, caring, giving & talented souls all right here in the blogland. A place to escape and dream. Get creative, motivated, ideas, inspiration & support, yet I slipped away for a bit and continued with my hectic, stressful long days of being a mommy alone without much support. Ohhhh the drama and caotic schedules of a busy family with 5 girls, 2 big dogs(one a rescue STILL here) a workaholic husband and some really bad issues I had to deal with, almost all by myself. Not good when some horrible things happening have to do with neighbors. Yes one right next door was a stay at home DADDY. A computer geek hacker freak! CREEP. His wife is??? a dr. shrink! go figure! anyways... they took off left fast before selling their home and the story continues.......The other neighbor must have figured since the wife was a dr. that she should run & tell her something that she wanted to cause more drama about and she actually didn't put childrens safety first, she let jealousy get the best of her sooooooo ~ I can not go into it right now.BUT!!!! I WILL. Its important people pay attention to things around them and not be ignorant. Weirdos are everywhere. bad guys aren't JUST the crack heads in the ghetto. Its been very unhealthy for me. for my girls. Im dealing with alot of stress and negativity and I realy could use a friend and Im comming back here to get you all back and find me again and not let jealous, hypactritical, selfish people bring me down. I have children to take care of. THEY do not need cold mothers to distract me from being the best mommy I can be.
PARENTS.... pay attention to how you act in front of your children. The way your children behave most often reflect your behavior. Lifes to short and your children need you to be the best you can be. Not a Jealous. caddy, selfish, bi*chy wannaB. (sorry, I had to get that out and im done)
Lets just say its time for me to move forward, get back to LIVING life again. Love my girls and keep them safe and happy and be inspired and hopefully inspire others.
I Miss YOU ALL who have been to my blog and to those of you whom I know from all over.
I seriously LOVE you all for your creative souls!
Best Wishes ~

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Please forgive this yucky mess!

ohhh my this looks nasty!
Please forgive the mess!
im trying to figure out this 3 column layout & in doing so it temp. looks like crap.
so all these colors & lack of info. is because im clueless with computer html. & in changing things around.... its temp. looking YUCK!
so hopefully soon it will be looking better until i can get someone to do a REAL layout for me.
Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Joelle Xo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Think Spring!

Hello all my Blogger friends! I have been missing all you creative souls!

It has been a very busy year already for me. I haven't been blogging or doing much online business in awhile. I so miss all the inspiration & kindness from everyone. You would think I would make it a point to come visit you all when I need a break or some positive boost!
My girls have been keeping me pretty busy & Im just trying to do a few designs here & there but this little girl is a handfull. She is full force at everything. For anyone that doesn't know I just had my 5th baby girl about a year ago. She was walking at 91/2 months & running fast now. & talking quite a bit already. I love being a mommy & loved being pregnant but sooo miss being ME. Sometimes you forget who you are. but I guess if your doing something right thats bound to happen.
Anyways...... Im on my way to finding me again & part of that is CREATING.
I joined ETSY in 06 but forgot about it & then got pregnant & just started selling on ETSY.
I have a few video's that i will post for those whom do not know about Etsy yet & for those who do... you might not have seen them. I know im new to ETSY & trying to read as much as I can on the forums & stork & joining teams.... so much to read, learn & do.
If your an artist, designer, photographer, baker, goshhhhh if you CREATE Check ETSY out. ~ this is my shop. Its so new & a bunch of this & that. I have TONS to get finished & list. furniture, mirrors, lamps, benches, canvas paintings & lots more.... keep checking back I have lots of goodies that need homes.
Happy Spring!...... Its just around the corner. Get Inspired For Fresh New Things! XOXO

Sweet Etsy Finds.

"This precious outfit is part of the Nicole Belle Designs "Diva Collection." This black tank top is embellished with a pink with black polka dot ribbon centered with a rhinestone buckle. The ribbon attached at the bottom of a black karate pant adds the finishing touch to this precious little outfit."
This is too cute. I like the Bold Look for a change from all the sweet pink. The bottom of the pants are so hip & fun ~A bit of a flair & added ribbon for some Posh Glam.

Go Check her out on ETSY... She has other little goodies in her shop. Have fun!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Im Thinking Green ~

Well not Green like in Fresh Spring things or St. Patricks Day BUT GREEN as in Earth friendly.

Im still Loving my Pinks! However.... Im thinking of focusing a bit on Recycled, reused, revamped materials in my designs. Many ETSY artists are Earth Friendly with their creations. Some are new to it but others are spreading the word to those who have no clue.

So My little part is to Go Green too! Well try it as much as I can.

The Little Pink stool in the Photo above is made from "salvaged" porch spidles for the legs. They were very Dark stained Old junky parts, took layers of yucky paint off & then had to deal with the sunk in stain. but I DID IT!

I made several of them with my Found treasures (junky old spindels)
I use to make alot of little benches & chairs with Old parts (wooden trims,moldings,ballisters etc)for a girl in Texas (years ago before we moved) LOVED IT!

I absolutely LOVE the stool. I had a hard time parting with the other two. so sweet & charming.

who would have known the little history behind such a New Posh Piece for little ones. (safe of course from lead & icky things) Im full aware of all the child safety codes/laws. This mommy doesn't risk anything.

soooo all you creative bloggers.... & friends. Keep checking back on my Etsy for now to see what other treasures I come up with. ~

Im going to realy try to focus on RECYCLED/SALVAGED pieces for my designs.

I use alot of parts already but im going to TRY to only use found pieces. (search Etsy & such for scrap ribbons & still wonderful & CLEAN expensive ribbons, just from other designers that sew etc...) recycling does not mean YUCK. you would be surprised what I can do.
This Sweet Cherub Lilac Board was a salvaged wooden board. I bought the metal hooks new but Must look for salvaged/recycled ones. If you have any you want to get rid of..... send them my way, I'll be your new best friend! : )

Do You Know about ETSY??

Ok.... I got a little bit Video Clip Happy. I found these short clips about ETSY & had to add them to my Myspace. (I rarely go there either. not such a good time online with my hacker/stalker jerk & im trying so hard not to talk about it & only THINK POSITIVE! & im creating a new MYSPACE & being extra careful. Actually Myspace has been good for me, it wasn't myspace that I had problems with. anyways.... A new & improved Posh Bebe Boutique with like minded friends & positive artists will be allowed on this Myspace. ~ just another site to display some inspiration *
Its a Fantastic place to network or just "Park" your LINK to your official sites.(free exposure can not hurt!$$) so anyways sweeties.... a few more clips will be towards the bottom of my POSTS.. so go look down below for some more ETSY Videos. Quite a swell bunch of folk! ; ) just teasing, they are the new way of working in the work place. for the artsy type. Go take a peak & have fun!

Kisses XOXO

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Busy busy busy....

Hello everyone. I haven't been posting lately but I still think about all my blog friends. Im wondering how everyones New year is going. Im super busy. Alot of different projects & things going on in my life. My one year old little baby girl is very active. Not walking everywhere but running. She is full of energy & so super smart already. Im so happy. She Loves broccoli & today ate green peppers in slices. Ohhhh how I so hope she will be eating healthy & not picky. She is such a great baby & happy & Loves to learn new things everyday!!! I am truely blessed. I hate waiting & hate stress. However.... My girls come first & I figured I should focus on my girls right now & take a short break & not try to do everything all at once. For me to not paint or create something daily, is soooo hard. I always feel the need to be productive & busy. I am busy but family busy not designs. Maybe this was a good break for me to refresh??? I hope. I need to move forward & get my designs out there.
Soooo to all of you who believe in me ~ THANK YOU! Big huge kisses & hugs to you. I am so very greatful for all your support & encouragement. ALL of You. Every single one of you whom left me a comment, message or emailed me. I treasure your thoughtful words & time. I wish you all tons of LOVE, health, happiness & success.
Keep checking back, I should be posting much more soon.
Enjoy your week.
Believe in yourself.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sitting in Style

Ohh how I wish I would have known about these chairs. The Nicole Reid CollectionTM offers beautiful hand-carved high chairs that add a touch of elegance to your living space.

I love them. I love this leopard print, I love the cream, I love the black. I love them all. They not only look stylish & classy, they are quite functional too. They work well with your decor. They are not an eye sore. They add style to your room & make your little Prince or Princess sit upon a Posh seat with such regal presence. A wonderful piece to have at Grandparents house. A necessary seat when child comes to visit, yet a wonderful design to not become an eye sore when not in use.

On top of all that.... this wonderful find actually becomes a youth chair. So you really get your moneys worth.

This would actually be great for the parents whom have more than one child. They would look stylish & not be too much as if having double or more Plastic high chairs all in a row. These would be perfect baby shower gifts. A great gift for those whom want to go in together on a big ticket item. This definitely would be a gift that lasts!

Enjoy her site. She is definitely someone to watch. Nicole Ried:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prince Fairy ~

This is such a charming little Prince. I turned him into a fairy collage. This is actually my first attempt to do a collage painting. I loved it. I did another one ~Princess Fairy. I sold her along time ago to a boutique owner that hung it in her home for HERSELF. She said it made her smile.
I am still missing that painting. I think I will part with this one. Even though it is my first, I do not have him hanging around. He deserves a special home.

He is standing proudly atop the World. He will one day rule the world in his little land. I think i will post him on my Etsy site tomarrow. take a peak

My first 3 collages. I'm proud of them all.
The middle happy fairy is a magnet on
my fridge.

Bonne Nuit

I thought of A sweet little gift for baby showers. So I created this little wooden plaque. I did change the crystal at the bottom to a real chandelier crystal instead. I just like it better.
Sweet, charming & one of a kind. They can say "Bonne Nuit" (french) or Sweet Dreams.
Available in several other dreamy colors. I guess I could make them in Bolder colors for those with brighter decor. Each one with a tiny bouquet in the corner with just the right amount of sparkle & magic. (Painted berries & birdy, pearl, rhinestone & flowers)
Such a little thing but has such Huge impact.
perfect for baby showers & just sweet for any time gift. hang it from anything to just add some charm & sweetness.

Even better gift, add to one of my painted pails & throw in a cutom bib & birpies & even some homemade all natural soap. Now thats a GREAT baby shower gift.
LOTS of great finds on the esty site. Click on my link to start ~ Type in the "search" for baby bibs or all natural soaps..... or whatever you want. SOOOOO many great finds on ETSY. Support Handmade & Indie artists. not slave factories.
Support more moms like me.
Thank you!

Who is behind the mask?

I ask myself daily... who am I? What am I thinking? what am I doing? Where do I go with all this? WHY???? Why to so many diff. things I am struggling with daily.

I must regroup. FOCUS. Think Positive. I need to believe in me. No matter how hard it is in my life right now & how alone I am doing all this. I NEED to FOCUS. Believe & move in another direction.

Art Inspires me

Fashion inspires Me

Music Inspires Me

My 5 Girls inspire me

Seal Is inspiring....
So many things inspire me. So many artists on here, Blogs on here. Photo's on here. They All inspire me. However, ALL of it is making me spin. I want to do it all but there is only one of me.

For now I must focus on baby & child. All the sites & blogs that I can benefit from & those whom could benefit from me.I must appeal to the bigger market I guess. Little ol' me can not be found with all my eye candy of Fashion & art all over my page. I must give in to commercial ways & play the game I guess. Time will tell. I would love to set an example. A new one.

Show RETAIL & Commercial Buyers that they do have a choice. they can go off in a new direction. They do not need to buy from the TYPICAL markets & buy only from those whom have "mass" produced items or an already stalked studio with kitty cutter "fast buck" items.

That those whom appreciate one of a kind (this seems to be used broadly & too frequently)

can actually get one of a kind from their favorite boutique that they want to support. To know that brick & mortar stores as online stores..... actually take the time to seek out those "one of a kind" quality items. Not quantity one of a kinds that every online store is selling. How "one of a kind" are they? I am not knocking them at all. Sure I would love my line to take off & sell my style to as many as I can; and as many of that ONE item to as many stores as I could. but there is a difference between that & taking the time to offer specialty items.

That is what I want to do. but not get trampled over by the MASS produced items.

I'm not into making a quick buck. I do not have time for that. I just don't believe in that. Anything QUICK doesn't last long. I'm in it for the long run.

Does this make sense to anyone?

I'm trying to reach anyone that appreciates my style & work & hope to build a relationship, clientele & name with them. Grow with them as they continue to grow.

ANY & ALL advice is welcome.

Thanks for reading yet another LONG one. I'm working on that too.

My new inspiration ~

Thanks to Sandra Evertson I found Alannah. I love this Australian Designer. (Originally from Tasmania) She is just so girly, frou frou, frilly, sweet, romantic, sexy & a perfect thought in my creative mind. I want her dresses. I want to see more. I do not know what it is. All the pictures, settings, backgrounds, colors, details.... Whatever it is, it is inspiring me.
Now it is just a matter of figuring it all out.
Wish me luck. Enjoy her site & shop around. if you purchase anything. Please do share! : )

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catch the Magic...

Christmas Spirit ....

Christmas Spirit is in the air. People are decorating all over. here in the South.. many decorate BEFORE Thanks Giving. Can you believe it all you Northerners??? Most Have their tree & outside decorated the next day. It looks so lovely & everyone is putting Christmas Spirit in the air. I guess we need a little more Christmas Spirit down here since we do not get all the Christmasy snowflakes. I think I seen a tiny flake or 2 last year. My girls do not miss bundling up, but i sure do. I miss their cute little red noses. Seeing their little breath in the air when they talk. Building snowmen together. making snow angels together. Going sledding at Lake Shore with all the neighbors. Having my girls go to the Peak n Peak every weekend to ski. My daughter used to be on SKI club at school. (in elementary, can you believe it, that's how close we were to the Peak. That's a big ski resort near where we live. All my girls would ski during the winter season. I got a break & did my things & had goodies for them when they came home.
My brother ski's all over the world. He just went to dinner with that red headed carrot top guy won the olympics???? In Chile. He's a serious skiir,I like to go to the ocean & get tan & watch for dolphins & sharks. I hate being cold. I will one day get over that & ski with them all.
I even want to learn how to surf? well... im getting off subject here but I guess im reminicing a bit by myself and dreaming about plans to come...
Anyways....Off to pick my daughter up.
I wish you all some happy shopping times ahead & some time to bake & enjoy the Christmas time with your loved ones.
Peace ~

My head is spinning, Christmas is comming....Fast.

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. As usual I promised myself that i would TRY to get my Christmas shopping done right after summer. YEA right!

Don't we all promise to get it finished sooner than last year. but I REALY wanted to have it all handled before the season started so I could focus on decorating, painting, Christmas cookies & such to pass out to family & friends & school. Enjoy doing some Christmas parties at school too.

Relax & enjoy the Holiday spirit & all the wonderful christmas shows on tv with my girls. Go see new Movies with them, possibly even with my husband. ( looks like that just won't happen, he is always too busy)

I know if I got all the shopping finished I would still shop right up to the last minute but only for extras but there would be no hurry or stress in doing it.

Well.... Im not even close to being done. I NEVER even got close to starting after summer. WHY!

Why make a promise to myself when I know what will happen... because I KNOW I can do it. I will just try harder next year.

I think the Holiday season is ment to be with your family & friends & not about the material things but thats just how society has become. (well a big part of it)

I do not want to miss out on my little ones enjoying the christmas shows & having me there with them relaxing, not all stressed out. I want to make cookies & not worry about the mess or if they are perfect but enjoyed it with my girls because they do not care.

I want to make "homemade" gifts with my girls that are too sweet & alot of love gone into them & it shows & pass out to our family & friends.

Thats why it is so important to me to get all the Christmas shopping done early. So I can enjoy the Season with my girls.

Well, it looks like It will have to wait another year before that ALL can happen. So I guess I will just have to try to enjoy it as much as I can & get everything done one day at a time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

off to find more inspiration.....

ohhhh one more Sweet thing ~

Look at these sweet soft sewn stuffed animals.
I LOVE white. I love simple, clean & fresh style.
Just charming. Who would think some stuffed geese could look so classy? Im not a huge fan of stuffed animals & all the dust mites that can come with them & clutter & fuzzies etc... but these would look great for those who don't care for the masses of commercial stuffed animals that every child has. Clean, sweet, one of a kind.
So unique. I would LOVE to see these in a gorgeous baby boutique or home decor store with a baby & child section. If I could sew... I would try these! hint hint.... anyone?

Cuddly Stuffed Animals - Japanese Craft Book
by chocolateswirl

Delicious felting....

Wow do I wish I felted. or whatever you call it. I have seen alot of this felting going on lately but can't believe all the things you can do. Just look at these pictures. Are they not too delicious? Look at the detail. How original. Can you use thse little jems on sweaters & bags? What all can you do with these? I just adore this work. If you can do this sort of thing ~ check out Chocolate swirl on ETSY and buy any of her books she is selling & create away! If you do, Please let me know & show us your work ~ DREAM AWAY.
Wool Felt Sweets - Japanese Needle Felting Craft Pattern Book
by chocolateswirl

Bonne Nuit ~ Sweet Dreams & Nightie night.....

Im off to dream land. I hope you all had wonderful times with family & friends & Enjoyed your Thanks Giving to those here in the states & much peace & love to all just because it should be that way.
Here's to your dreams, wishes, hopes & ideas.... Im thinking positive thoughts & hope it passes along to all those wishing for the same!
Joelle XO

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is a sneak peak of another piece I am working on.
It is no where close to being finished, Lots of goodies to add to this & layers of paints etc.... For a child's room? hmmmmm How do i do that? Not your typical child's room is it? so I have to figure it out. How I get myself into this I don't know..... and where are those moms at that are looking for something totally diff. & not typical baby or child pieces?
I wish my mind would be so much simpler.

Wish Fairy

Ok.... here is yet another little collage hook that I need to fix up & add to Etsy after I take more pictures outside. Everyone seems to be doing collage work, so I thought I would give it a try.

Since I paint furniture I figured I would put a collage on a functional piece & see how it turns out.
This little hook is the "Wish Fairy"... Happy little vintage image of a girl with wings & wand. DREAM is on handtorn paper below her. Pink & fanciful. Whimsical yet shabby chic.
Just a sweet happy little hook to hang little ones TuTu, Balet shoes, nightie, Favorite sweater or whatever you Wish.
Check back soon on my Etsy to see when I add this one of a kind hook.

Strumpfkunst on ETSY has the cutest little sock critters. These sweet jolly little ones are just too happy to pass. I think every little child should have a favorite little friend to take everywhere. Why not a one of a kind from a sweet girl from Germany. She takes great pride in making sure her little critters are safe & up to standards yet look adorable. Take a look at all her friends.