Monday, February 25, 2008

Do You Know about ETSY??

Ok.... I got a little bit Video Clip Happy. I found these short clips about ETSY & had to add them to my Myspace. (I rarely go there either. not such a good time online with my hacker/stalker jerk & im trying so hard not to talk about it & only THINK POSITIVE! & im creating a new MYSPACE & being extra careful. Actually Myspace has been good for me, it wasn't myspace that I had problems with. anyways.... A new & improved Posh Bebe Boutique with like minded friends & positive artists will be allowed on this Myspace. ~ just another site to display some inspiration *
Its a Fantastic place to network or just "Park" your LINK to your official sites.(free exposure can not hurt!$$) so anyways sweeties.... a few more clips will be towards the bottom of my POSTS.. so go look down below for some more ETSY Videos. Quite a swell bunch of folk! ; ) just teasing, they are the new way of working in the work place. for the artsy type. Go take a peak & have fun!

Kisses XOXO

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