Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pink Cottage charm & sparkles...

Pink. What a pretty color. Its seems PINK is the NEW BLACK! (whatever that really means???) I wear Black all the time. Little black dress. Not gothic. Not to HIDE myself. Just becuase I usually find really wonderful dresses, tops that look great on me & happen to be made in black. Ofcourse, they do make me FEEL skinnier too : )I happen to get a lot of wonderful comments too when i wear black. So I like wearing black. However... I sooo adore PINK. Its so feminine, pretty, soft, romantic & dreamy for ALL ages. Im not sure why the last few years PEOPLE have gone crazy with Pink. to me, I have always loved it. for those whom are appreciating it now? im not sure what sparked the big Girly craze? Maybe people are figuring out its ok to be girly & you can still be STRONG & independent at the same time. GO GIRLS! YEA for you all ~ FINALLY getting it. Don't be afraid to be YOU, A GIRL. Old or young ~ your still a girl. be proud. just don't let commerical things define you. Except it because thats who you are. Im old fashioned at heart. Even though I want to be the next multi millionare just like everyone else reaching/persuing their DREAMS, but I do know being a mommy, MY place is at home with my family.I am lucky to be able to. Im very grateful. I Love being a mommy, but I miss having a identity other than MOMMY. So designing, creating, dreaming & meeting other artist (hate to say the C word)shhhhh...crafters.(tell you later why ~ for me)
Mommy is an important job & a proud thing. I love it. I guess I just want my girls to see me being more than that. To see me being successful as some of their friends moms whom have "real Professional" jobs. I guess I want them to see that the "crafters" can make just as much & tons more if they are ambitious enough to persue it.
I am. Im ready. Now what? ; ) XOXO

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