Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is another sweet little fairy collage that i am working on right now. She is the sweetes little thing. I think she looks a bit like all my girls when they were little. Im trying to add a bit more to it. Maybe a little sparkle here or there. All the little white circles will have glass glitter on them... outlined with gold. Her crown also have circles on the top wich are painted a green & Glass glitter on them too. Very magical & sweet. I think it is cute the way it is, but im trying to find something diff. to use & maybe hang with something clever & unique. She needs a wand & ribbon at corner of box. Have to add some pearls & crystals perhaps??? whatever it is that i find.... Im sure she will be ready for some young princess to enjoy. Now I just need to figure out should it be on EBAY or ETSY??? How does one figure those things out?

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Tatianazrms said...

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