Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crown Prince fairy

What a charming little Royal Fairy this little guy is.

I so loved making him. He is such a handsome Prince. He WILL one day Rule the world. I painted the matt as well as the frame to all blend together. I used wax over the entire piece. I just rubbed it all over. Not bees wax but furniture wax. I just wanted to see how it would turn out. I had no idea but It worked & it turned out great & I LOVE it. Gives it an aged appearance. Very dreamy. I also rubbed on & off a burt umber paint for antique effect also.

Just to see how it would look. I used a wide cream silk ribbon at the top. then thought it needed a bit of black at the top so i used a black & white gingham ribbon ..... as if it were hung by the ribbon, but it was only for effect. whomever would buy this can figure out what way you want to go with it & do whatever you want. im going to post this on Etsy or ebay? not sure yet which one. I am going to list some things on ebay too. I have several things on etsy. I never solf on there yet. I used to sell on ebay years ago. I had over 1,000 positive feedbacks. It stinks that i have to start all over. O well. I'll get it back again. I am working on a web site with this wondeful girl. I hope to sell from there, etsy, ebay & have my myspace & flickr too. Any links & exposure to ME ~ JOELLE Dolce Bebe is great. I hope its worth it to have more than one place. Let me know if you have any other ideas or what works for you. I would appreciate it as well as anyone else reading this that may have same questions.

thank you & keep creating. XOXO Joelle


Rosemary said...

Hi Joelle,
I guess you found me through my flickr pictures of the crown that I made.
You might like to check out my blog.
I don't really have any other pictures on flickr yet. I joined because of the tiara swap.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joelle!

Your work is just divine! So creative... You definitely have talent and should not worry about how your work will sell- it definitely will!!! Would love to see more!

Best of Luck

Cheryl said...

Have I mentioned I love the pink collage up top??? I do SO heart it, Miss Joelle! Can I show off your sweet box on my Yummy Things on my blog? Let me know because I want to!!!
hugs, cheryl

the LaNd of fOrGoTtEn dReAmS said...

So glad I found your work! How cute! was curious & saw your warning about posting your children... I'm a paranoid mom of 2 girls & a angel so I am also very leary.... & then I saw you were a fellow lover of the frog prince too cool! anyway, Hope to see more beautiful creations! Take care. Tracey