Sunday, January 21, 2007

Miss Clara's magical shoe...

Miss Clara
Originally uploaded by beadplayer.
I Just Love this shoe. This wonderful piece of art is full of details. just so sweet. Don't you ever just wonder where someone comes up with their ideas??? What was she thinking when she created this. Did she intend for it to become a shoe or if making a shoe... did she think it would end up this way??? How do you know when to stop? When is enough ~enough? whatever she did, however she did it... i think it is fantastic. Just imagine all the possibilities you can do with paper. Its so plyable & really anything can adhere to it. i think Im going to look at using paper in a different way from now on. Im going to try something new using paper. I suppose the ideas are endless. if anyone gives it a try... let me know. let us all know. be creative!
Challenge yourself. Inspire us!

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