Monday, January 08, 2007

A little of what I do....

Im going to start posting pictures of things I have created. Some things iI have sold & many things are still HERE waiting to find a home.Im busy being a mommy & we moved about 2 years ago so just trying to get settled in a new State & new surroundings with 4 girls isn't easy. Plus i just recently had our 5th girl. She is our Christmas baby!!!! So as you will be able to tell ~ Im a Girly girl mommy & I create girly girl things. I love what I do but I need to find others that LOVE it too. So if You or anyone you might know is ever interested in anything I do. PLEASE let me know. (
I need to get going on creating a new Line & getting it out to baby boutiques or ANY store that would enjoy my line ~ Joelle Dolce Bebe. European inspired little treasures for anyone whom appreciates ~ ALL THINGS PRETTY. From little gifts to painted furniture.
I Love fanciful, whimsical & old world charm in my pieces.( fit for a princess.) I try to design things that are sweet & charming for little girls yet not too trendy that they don't last next year.Having 5 girls makes me think about creating things that are sweet yet functional and will last longer. I would love my little treasures to be treasures for your loved ones.
these photos are not the best. They are soo much sweeter in person. Filled with lots of little details. I love to use Ribbons & roses, crystals, vintage jewlery, semi precious gems, vintage trims, special custom blended paints I created using a gold powder as accents to give old world charm, aged patina, vintage hardware,painted berries, w/ sparkles, german glitter & crystal glitter. Its the extra details that all us little girls LOVE & never get tired of.

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