Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Who is behind the mask?

I ask myself daily... who am I? What am I thinking? what am I doing? Where do I go with all this? WHY???? Why to so many diff. things I am struggling with daily.

I must regroup. FOCUS. Think Positive. I need to believe in me. No matter how hard it is in my life right now & how alone I am doing all this. I NEED to FOCUS. Believe & move in another direction.

Art Inspires me

Fashion inspires Me

Music Inspires Me

My 5 Girls inspire me

Seal Is inspiring....
So many things inspire me. So many artists on here, Blogs on here. Photo's on here. They All inspire me. However, ALL of it is making me spin. I want to do it all but there is only one of me.

For now I must focus on baby & child. All the sites & blogs that I can benefit from & those whom could benefit from me.I must appeal to the bigger market I guess. Little ol' me can not be found with all my eye candy of Fashion & art all over my page. I must give in to commercial ways & play the game I guess. Time will tell. I would love to set an example. A new one.

Show RETAIL & Commercial Buyers that they do have a choice. they can go off in a new direction. They do not need to buy from the TYPICAL markets & buy only from those whom have "mass" produced items or an already stalked studio with kitty cutter "fast buck" items.

That those whom appreciate one of a kind (this seems to be used broadly & too frequently)

can actually get one of a kind from their favorite boutique that they want to support. To know that brick & mortar stores as online stores..... actually take the time to seek out those "one of a kind" quality items. Not quantity one of a kinds that every online store is selling. How "one of a kind" are they? I am not knocking them at all. Sure I would love my line to take off & sell my style to as many as I can; and as many of that ONE item to as many stores as I could. but there is a difference between that & taking the time to offer specialty items.

That is what I want to do. but not get trampled over by the MASS produced items.

I'm not into making a quick buck. I do not have time for that. I just don't believe in that. Anything QUICK doesn't last long. I'm in it for the long run.

Does this make sense to anyone?

I'm trying to reach anyone that appreciates my style & work & hope to build a relationship, clientele & name with them. Grow with them as they continue to grow.

ANY & ALL advice is welcome.

Thanks for reading yet another LONG one. I'm working on that too.


RuffleButts said...

I love this post - raw and inspirational. As designers, artists and entrepreneurs, the task can, at times, become overwhelming. Sometimes we feel alone in this quest to follow our dream, pursuing a passion, while also trying to run a business. Your work is fabulous, unique. Don't ever give up! You are not alone.

A Bit Of Paris 2 U said...

YOUR NOT ALONE~! Trust me, I have found myself asking that same question often and questioning what it is I am SUPPOSE to be doing. I too have two daughters which are my number one priority, However like yourself have a need for something else in my life that is inspiring, totally me, and that contributes to this big ole world!
Trust me for some reason some how the day will come when all the work you put into this, all the time, the thought, the feelings and the tears will all make sense. For me that was the day I decided to cut free of the cookie cutter molds, and start my own business, free from anything I have seen so far or done previously. This was when I opened Paris Couture Antiques. I am dumping my heart and soul into this business and I have no doubt it will be a great success. Just like you are putting your heart into each precious item you make, eventually it all will pay off! Perhaps not money wise, nor with great stardome, But with time all great things are recognized and aprpeciated, and YOU are simply amazing! Your eye, your talent, you! I love reading each and every one of your post, and viewing every photo. I am SOOO grateful you found me, and look forward to reading more about you and your thoughts and your mind! Sincerely, Alys

Joelle said...

Rufflebutts ~ I sooo LOVE your name & your designs! thats what little girls are suppose to wear! it measn so much to me that you read this & care!
A Bit if Paris 2 U ~ Thank you for all your kind words & taking the time to realy reach out & make me feel not so alone.
You both really touched me & it means so much to me that you care 7 took the time to write all this.
Thank you so much!
Joelle XO

Missy Sue Hanson said...

I feel just like this alot. In fact, almost everyday I have moments where I feel "selfish" or crazy for wanting and actually believing that I can make something out of my art.....but we can....I is a long haul, but we can do it...not only are we women, but we're artists as well, we have way too much going for ourselves to quit now!!!! Anytime you need a pick me up, feel free to email me....your work is miraculous and I wouldn't mind telling you that a million times!

Joelle said...

Thank you so Much Missy Sue Hanson!
im touched. seriously. thank you: )

Anonymous said...

Hello there : )
You are shopping on the web or in-store? which would you prefer? actually wondering lol.. i prefer in-store only because i don't really like expecting it to arrive!

Arellano said...

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