Monday, September 24, 2007

Comming Soon...

Im working on my web site with a web designer from Florida. She is such a sweetie pie & very patient with me. I have so many projects going on at once & my girls keep me busy. Not to mention... My 8 month baby is starting to walk & that alone is very demanding!!!
For now I have my Web address linked to my "ETSY" site. I have just a few things on there right now. Once my site is up & running it will switch over to the OFFICIAL site & my ETSY site will be linked from there.
Im having hacker problems, viruses etc... so it is really frustrating trying to get things online with everything I have going on.
So im taking it one day at a time & hoping Things will come together real quick!

ok.... Im off again to dream & get more yummy ideas to create something more magical & delicious for little girls. oh.... I do design for little boys too, but I have just been focusing on girls
since I have 5 of them. Its just so much more fun yet i would love to be challenged & create a line for boys.... Any ideas????


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