Friday, July 27, 2007

I LOVE being a girl. I Love all My girls. Being a GIRL has come along way. For awhile, women were afraid to show their feminine side. it shown a weakness in a "man's" world.Women felt the need to show their "stronger" side by being less womanly, feminine.
Those were the ones trying to find their way in the "working" world.

God only knows why?
WOW! what were YOU all thinking?
WE were made to be a female, so therefor, we are feminine by nature. Some more than others.
Ok... some not at all. BUT..... you still are a women. Embrace that! USE what YOU got. Im so proud to be a girl! Im proud of those that turned that "manly" crap around & are showing us all that is is GREAT to be a women/girl & YOU can get whatever you want by being YOU!


Im not against any of you that choose for your own personal reasons for going the less Girly path.... & we aren't all girly & thats a good thing. We need variety. I also like to see the POWERSUIT on a women.
But for me.... I have 5 girls. I LOVE being a girl! I love being strong, powerful & stubborn. Im not afraid to show my femine side & im old fashioned at heart! I LOVE manners. I LOVE men opening a door for a women. I love when MEN stand when you walk into a room. I LOVE when men treat you with respect & use proper etiquet'.
Frankly.... I believe men do too. We just happen to be in a diff. era, & I think men became confused.
well.... for being so old fashioned at heart, & loving the MAN being in charge (haha yea right, im sooo the one with the final say!!!!) but you know... Let him do his thing.
I want to be the next GIRL making her millions too, doing what I love. Marketing myself & rolling with all the big boys in business!! but...... I totally believe I can do it all without wearing the "suit" & acting like a man.
I can be myself & be girly & wear PINK & Love it all!
THANK YOU WOMEN!!! ALL of YOU whom paved the path to success for us all.
No one would have ever thought of wearing PINK to a business meeting. Im glad the ones whom wore the suits, got it all out of the way. Believe me... I LOVE black! I have Black suits, but I can tell you.... Im going to look gosh darn sexy in it. & be girly & strong.
So be it PINK, Black, Girly or not... im glad we have the chance to do what we are all doing now.
I LOVE seeing all of you in business succeeding, watching the next girl getting her break & chatting amongest you all stuggeling like me. Im here for you too & im glad we have this forum & all the others & those wonderful "women helping women & mommies sites too".
gosh almighty... I have no idea why I chose to say all that after looking at these girly girl pictures of "Pink petticoats" & "charming sweet dresses & outfits" by some successful girl designers???
But I got it out & im glad I did! so enjoy some of these yummy, sweet & charming designs. I love them all. Not only do they make me want to buy them for all my girls... They inspire me to create charming little tresors for little ones. ENJOY!!!

I LOVE being a Girl! I LOVE My girls!




Enjoy this wonderful designers pretty things. Let your children be little girls & enjoy being little & playfull. youthful. Fun, Happy & frilly. doesn't mean they can't play in the Mudd & play football. just look prettier! LOVE IT!

Ciao ~

Joelle XO


ellene said...

joelle~ your blog is so sweet and beautiful. I cannot even imagine 5 girls! My daughter is 14 and she is a very good girl, but sometimes I get so tired of having to explain and justify things. It's like "can't you just for once say OK mom?" and leave it at that. Let me know when your shop opens!

Linda said...

Hi Joelle
You blog is wonderfull sweet and inspiring. I have 3 children, two of them 3 year old twin....girls. I am over the moon with all of my children but it IS especially fun to be a mommy to a little girl. From dressing them as princesses to buying toys, everything is so whimsical and joyous. A lot of boys items are violent and mean looking- all of those yucky action figures and masked me...give me dollies and birdies and glitter. Lotsa glitter!
I just started my own blag and am in awe that you, with five children, are not only so able to keep one going but to have a great one to boot. I am inspired.
Lots of love, Linda
BTW my first best friend was Joelle and so I have such a soft spot for the name. She was named after her dad Joseph and I find the name so flowery and feminine.
stop and visit with me.