Thursday, April 12, 2007

rabbit bookends from RED Shoes LLC.

rabbit bookends
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Easter has come & gone for now, however... being a mommy with all girls & new baby ~ Bunnys are just too sweet to keep them around.Im on a bunny kick. (& normally my style has never been too cutesy but i figured why not. this is the LAST baby? ; ) I might as well enjoy the simple things in Life!
I'll have to post some pics. as soon as I can get caught up. Easter, new baby, spring break & my girls going out of town to the beach... & special requests.. i've sooo neglected this BLOG of mine! I actually haven't done too much with it anyways..So if anyone happens to read this before I CLEAN it up & try to figure out how to make it presentable & inspiring???? PLEASE forgive the crazy rambeling mess. But do enjoy the pictures I post. Im finding lots of sweet creative souls out here in Blog land! Wish me Luck! XO


karen c said...

Im so sorry I didnt respond sooner to your comment on my blog! I do actually have family from Pennysylvania! My dads parents lived in Greensville, and moved to Latrobe! I asked them if they know any Denardos and my dad said his parents did! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your work is gorgeous!! So feminine! keep up the fantastic job!

Michelle Devine said...

Joelle. Thank you so much for your post on my blog. I just saw it. It does break your heart as a mom when your kids hurt. I appreciate the vent. Really. Very cute bunnys by the way:)

Joelle said...

Karen.... also, my family name is Cavalier too from Pittsburgh Pa. Philly & everywhere ; ) Big Family!
You look like my cousins. who knows.
Best Wishes ~
JOelle XO

Joelle said...

ohhhh thise posts were so long ago and im just going through these old ones. now I do not see your pic. but Michelle Looks like a relative ; ) ohhhhh anyways... Your all so talented, I'll update and stop by you two.
ciao ~ XO